Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hope all friends and family had a happy Christmas.  The boys and I had an early celebration with my Grandparents, which was great fun.  The boys love hanging out with their GiGi an PopPop so much.  As the holiday approached we had plans to spend the eve with Keith's family, who have a tradition of a delicious late-night dinner party and present exchange at Grandmas.  We had GRAND fun creating personalized coffee mugs!  Christmas day we spent between Grandmas and Keith's parents house, then loaded up for home where the boys took their long winter's nap.  It was SO overdue with a late bedtime the night before!  They were just too excited to sleep with their new slumber get-up (camo truck robes, slippers and jammies).  They love all of their gifts and send BIG thank you's to everyone.

While the boys napped and napped I made the house extra cozy with a fire and got K&A's big comfy chair's ready!  Boy are they loving them....but nothing beats wheels!  They are truck obsessed.  We've had such a busy end of the year I was surprised we even hung stockings.  Watching our holiday card garland grow makes me extra happy, and is the perfect decoration for this time of year!  

Looking forward to celebrating the New Year tomorrow with some friends.  An early happy 2015 to you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eight Crazy Nights

Happy Hanukkah friends and family!

The boys and I had a glorious day!  We met a fun set of 4-year-old boy twins in the store, and everyone shared their obsession with trains.  I finally hung all our holiday cards, and we made a feast!!

Sometimes I have a little too much help preparing meals.  Kaleb and Aiden push their stool around and immediately land next to me.  They are such good helpers, but usually eat half of their meal before we even make it to the table.  No wonder they love helping so much :)

Brisket with carrots & onions, zucchini potato latkas (YUM) and applesauce for dipping! The house smelled heavenly.  The only thing that creates a more delicious smell is COOKIES!  Every year I fill large mason jars with different homemade cookies for neighbors....but we haven't met anyone yet...the driveways are long and everyone keeps to themselves.  So I'll have to spoil our mail carrier instead.

The most delicious Texas-inspired brisket I've ever made
This week I also had the privilege of photographing a tiny and deliciously sweet set of boy/girl twins, who just turned 3months old.  The boys had a blast helping prepare the photo shoot.  They make such great models!

Aiden is signing his version of "please"
Tiny Toes!!!
OH, and the balloon birthday bath reshoot went SO well.  Check out the magical moment I caught of K&A!!  These yearly shots make awesome bathroom art.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2nd Birthday Extravaganza

This past Sunday was Kaleb and Aiden's 2nd birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!!
It was a beautiful day, full of love, laughter and fun.  

To say K&A had a blast is a pure understatement.  Besides taking Aiden to the Sea World water park in Texas I've never seen him have so much fun.

I think the crowd's favorite moment was watching the boys go face first into their cakes.  They were hilarious.  Aiden LOVES when people clap and cheer him on....he's such a silly boy.  Kaleb literally destroyed his cake.  I was so impressed!

So close to blowing out their candles!

The "bubble bath" was a big hit and kept the kids so very entertained.  Each time Aiden spotted the pool full of balloons he would run full speed, launch himself, then come up laughing and clapping.  Other times he'd climb in and lay completely still waiting to be covered up, then Kaleb would jump in to find him.

Thank you to all our friends and family who came, ate cake and helped celebrate these two amazing little guys.  They are so spoiled, receiving such amazing gifts from you all.  The past few days have been full of excitement and curiosity, truck driving, tool bench working and training around.  Big boy toys are so much more fun!!  I wish I would have taken more photos at the party.  Next year I think I'll hire help so I can snap away :)  Throwing a birthday party is hard work!

On a side note:
The boys were also SO brave this week and took their vaccines like pros.  We walked in with smiles and walked out proud showing everyone their tootsie pops.  The nurses were shocked when Aiden moved the step stool over to the table, climbed up, and just laid down on his back ready for an examination.  He is such a ham!  I also attempted to recreate another bathtub balloon photo.  I'm gonna try again tonight, fingers crossed Kaleb will be a little more chill.

original photo here

Friday, December 5, 2014


You "two" bring pure joy to my life and although you are officially BIG BOYS, you'll forever be my teeny babies.

Kaleb Jesse:  Weighs 25 pounds 6 ounces (19th percentile) and stands 32.3/4 inches "small" (10th percentile).

Aiden Jake:  Currently weighs 28 pounds 2 ounces (52nd percentile) and measures 33.3/4 inches tall (81st percentile).

Patiently waiting for the Birthday Boys to wake up!
What a fun birthday the boys and I had yesterday!!  The balloon surprise was the best.thing.ever!!  I had a blast setting it up and woke up extra early so I could sit in their doorway and see their expressions!  It was SO classic.  Aiden was first, he noticed the floor and his jaw HIT THE FLOOR!!  He stood up, laughed, looked up and his jaw HIT THE FLOOR!!  I wish I could type the sound that came out of his mouth.  I started laughing and my cover was blown!  So I burst in singing happy birthday, kicking balloons, taking pictures and the boys couldn't wait to get out of their beds to run through the sea of balloons "booooo"!!  It was a blast.  We probably played in their room for an hour!!  I love these photos...even though they are all similar, I just can't pick my favorite ones.


The boys were ecstatic to see their art table!  They loved it so much all day they picked out toys and immediately brought them over to their table to play with it there.  It was SO cute!  Kaleb, my sweet boy, even took his books over to read.  Every time I blinked the scene became more magical and I hope I remember it forever and ever.

We had mini sprinkle pancakes for breakfast, WITH syrup!  I didn't set up the kitchen stool as a special surprise, but when Aiden ran into the kitchen he literally stopped in his tracks, did a double take (it was sitting out of the way) and gave me a HUGE smile!  The boys stood way up high and helped make breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They loved the view!

Now it's party time!  Looking forward to seeing some friends and family this weekend to help celebrate with the boys.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Big Boys Don't Cry/Vacation Recap

The Quads!
Today is the last day Kaleb and Aiden are allowed to whine and cry, for tomorrow they will be big boys...(currently Aiden is throwing a tantrum because Kaleb took his choo-choo.  There are about 15 other engines in a bag right next to him).

I'm excited for this birthday.  This year has been drastically different than their first year of firsts.  I've enjoyed the days since my zombie-mom self is in the past.  

We are running tons of errands today in preparation of tomorrow's grand event.  There are cakes to make, presents to assemble and decorations to hang.  I'm pretty excited to see the boys faces tomorrow morning when they see a balloon covered ceiling (they LOVE balloons) and their very own size art table/chairs.  Since they love to help cook, and Aiden has been pushing chairs around, so he can climb up for a better counter-top view, I got them a big kitchen step stool.  

We visit with our pediatrician on Friday morning, so I'll run a stat update on the boys once I have the numbers, and my thoughts wrapped up on my twins officially turning TWO.  

Until then our vacation recap in photos!

Yay, the engine was out to oogle.
The bear.  Professional blower and smeller
Everyone loves Curious George
The goose!  Oh that bedhead!!!
"the twins"
Taking each other for wagon rides.  Everyone had a turn!
PIZZA party!!!  So much love and laughter in this room, and a row of babies in the back!
Cousin play date!!!
Kaleb photo bomb!!
Chloe and Aiden
Silent laughter from AJ.  Gosh OB can run fast!
GRANDPA Eddie ("papa Ee")
The kids