Monday, December 28, 2015

Kids love Santa

The boys got a full run-down of the man in the red coat this year.  A Winnie-The-Pooh holiday special taught them everything about Christmas time, and became clear as day when we accidentally ran into St. Nick at our favorite play center.  Kaleb's reaction left me feeling a little magical...He yelled "Santa" ran straight up to him with his hands covering his mouth (he was SO excited) climbed right up on his knee and said " KK be good boy, wants red car go really fast with wheels."  AJ was happy, but a little more timid.  He did share his gift request (tractor with wheels with tractor trailer), said thank you and left to stand in the trampoline line.

Like last year Keith and I took the boys to spend the night at Great Grandmas house, where they have a big dinner, gift exchange and the boys got to run around the house chasing the sound of sleigh bells.  They got really lucky and even heard a "ho-ho-ho" in the distance.  The excitement was priceless.  Keith and Timmy used to do the exact thing as kids, so they ate up every second of sharing the tradition with K&A.

Keith also grew up visiting a tree farm, which he did with the boys for the first time this year.  The boys helped make the final decision, watched Keith saw it down, then AJ pulled the tree back to the barn  Seriously.  He is so strong.  And since we were away on the actual Christmas eve, Santa visited our house a couple nights later instead.  The boys we're ecstatic at the first sight of their new bicycles.  These balance bikes are probably the best things ever.  Aiden is a total pro....the first time outside he gave himself a giant push off, pulled his feet up and he's known how to ride a 2-wheeler for years.  I think he'll be on a pedal bike by the end of summer.

Big thanks to everyone for contributing to another amazing holiday. 
Happy new year to you all.  May 2016 bring you good health, love and happiness.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The BMA song

Yesterday, all day Kman Sang the BMA song.  It goes a lot like this:
BMA, BMA, BMA, BMA, BMA, BMA, BEEEMA, BEEEEEEMA, BMA...(in the sweetest Kaleb voice you can imagine).  He's hilarious.  It also got me thinking about our recent visit with my mom, and how much we all miss her!!

Her trip passed much too quickly, as always, but we enjoyed every second!!  Cookie baking, crafting, sleepovers, Hanukkah love, an early Christmas celebration at my Grandparents and a surprise visit from Michael!!  It was all so wonderful!

Ginormous thanks for all the love!  We miss you so much and hope to see you in a few months.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Family Birthday Bash

Completely forgot to share some details from the boys birthday party.  It's been such a busy month so far.  Our kitchen has finally come to a "finish".  We really couldn't be happier with the outcome and it made hosting family so much easier this year!  I still need to paint the molding around the cabinets, and work some reorganization magic, but wow, what a difference from when we moved in!

Last year we had a giant party and still had moving boxes everywhere, having just moved in 1.5 months prior to party extravaganza.  Only family this time around and having accomplished mostly everything the night before allowed me to actually enjoy the day.  Next year will be the charm (3rd times a charm)!

For weeks we continually asked K&A what they wanted for their birthday.  Their answer never changed:  "Birthday cake with sprinkles and candles".  Easy to please.  They actually requested a red and blue cake, and I was trying to make it happen 2 nights before till 3AM with homemade marshmallow fondant.  I couldn't get my pink fondant to go red, and although Kman told me a pink cake was ok I settled on a red and blue car for a cake topper instead.  

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special for the boys.  They seriously had a blast, and they are busy everyday playing with their new favorite things!  We are so all so thankful for your generosity and love!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Kaleb and Aiden turn 3

Happiest 3rd birthday to my silly, independent, fun-loving three-nagers!

We had a trying morning/afternoon, to the point I almost cried out of frustration not wanting to get mad at the boys on their special day.  We made sprinkle waffles, birthday wishes, carried balloons around everywhere and prepared for their birthday delivery (toddler beds).  Then AJ poured hot wax all over my freshly washed dishes and almost spent the rest of the day in time-out.  Ugh.  Today Aiden also decided he'll only refer to me as Mom, and Keith Dad.  What happened to Mommy/Daddy?  After nap they were different boys and we had a fabulous evening!

Although the boys helped transition their room we saved the final reveal by distracting them with youtube videos of Peppa Pig (that crazy pig family is also in the above picture waving goodbye to the delivery truck).  They love their sheets more than the actual bed!  They did work VERY hard at picking them out, so I'm not really surprised at the bedding enthusiasm.  

Keith and I can't believe how different the rooms looks.  We feel like our little boys are ready to start middle school, ha.  Now that we completely trashed the house with packaging, their nursery furniture, dinner and birthday brownies we have our work cut out for us tomorrow preparing for their party!

Love you Kaleb Jesse and Aiden Jake!!!  You two make my world go round!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Turkey Break

We had such a fun last couple weeks with family, I'm bummed its all over.  My sister, Lucie and Ted Bear came to hang out with us for a few days, then we all made our way to Pittsburgh.  The twin cousins had their first snowy adventure together, and were so cute looking back at their footprints, and catching snowflakes.  Everything felt so casual and relaxed, exactly what I needed to give my brain a rest.  My sister and I also took off after bedtime to see the last chapter of the Hunger Games on opening night.  I haven't been to the theater since before the boys were born!  We snuck in candy and took silly photos.  We also rediscovered hidden talents of making the prettiest paper snowflakes ever!  I used them in a little photo shoot for someone's holiday cards, then we decorated my dads business window with more!  I'm kind of obsessed.

Thanksgiving day was busy, loud and one of the best years yet!  A HUGE thank you to my Aunt and Uncle, who hosted the crowd again, and made such a wonderful dinner for everyone.  Keith wasn't able to join us this year, so when we returned to Ohio he made a delicious turkey.  Yay for leftovers galore!  I haven't cooked dinner for three whole days now.

Happy December to you all.  It's BIRTHDAY week over here.  Can't believe the kids are turning three.  I'm hoping to fill their room with balloons again, then spending the day swapping cribs for twin beds.  I'm really excited for the boys to have big beds, but ugh-I'm dreading the freedom allowance.

I'll be excited to share their birth DAY with you all at the end of the week.  Until then I'll leave you with the sweetest/silliest faces on the planet.