Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween!!

We all had a great day, watched our fair share of Halloween flicks, read our favorite Halloween-y stories,

Room on the Broom!  Looks like Kman is reading to his brother.  Cute!
got crafty with pumpkins

Shooting star....
had a festive Jammie day

and got dressed up to pass out candy!
I'm pleased to introduce Kaleb, who asks you all, what does the fox say?

And Mr. Dino-Aiden!

His costume was a bit ridiculous with a giant ungungdada head.  Since it was horrendous I chopped it off and added a few additional spikes instead.  I did a terrible job...but it's more suitable for him since his recent nickname has become bulldozer.  He sees something he wants, gets REALLY excited, crawls at warp speed and right before he gets to his destination tucks his head down and rams into whatever it may be....primarily consisting of myself or his brother.  The kid needed these spikes :)

We are looking forward to a fun weekend.  Saturday we get to meet a new mother of multiples.  Her twins just turned a year old and I can't wait to see the babies go bonkers together!

Sunday Kaleb and Aiden's Grandpa Eddie is coming to PLAY!!!  Can't wait to see my Dad!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life Lately

Not too much happening these days, so just stopping by to say hello!

My days are full of love and giggles.  Everyday I'm amazed at the boys development and catch myself feeling slightly lonely after they go to bed each night.  I just can't resist the expression on Kaleb and Aiden's face when they see me in the morning.

Kman in Green, AJ in blue waking up from their morning nap

We spend many afternoons in the park,

or on the back porch.

Pretty blue shirts the boys just received from their Grandma/Grandpa Rickel
The boys LOVE when they see one of the big air force planes!  K&A help me cook in the kitchen every evening, which is a nice "adult" break for me, since I spend most of the day crawling from room to room.  We "race" up the stairs a few times a day too, clapping and cheering as each one makes it to the top.

Some updates:
Kaleb is a 3 tooth man now!
Aiden FINALLY says DaDa and fake laughs (Ha   Ha   Ha)!
Aiden walks to us if we hold out our hands a short distance away.
I'm FINALLY in the process of weaning myself from breastfeeding.  Such a love/hate relationship there.  I went into breastfeeding with a goal of making it I am, nearing 11months, an exclusive pumper and cannot wait to send this thing away, for-ever!
The boys are eating more like big kids.  (Less puree, more self-feeding and chewing.)

Green Beans and Chicken
I had some crazy awesome Halloween costume ideas, but have sadly lost my creative drive.  I guess I've come to the realization the boys are too young to enjoy trick or treating, we'll be going through our night-time routine when it's time to be out-in-about, and besides photos, won't remember this amazing holiday.  SO, I decided to skip dressing up....then I found really stupid costumes on clearance for 10bucks.  First time EVER buying a costume.  Anyways, since there is zero rhyme or reason to what I purchased I'm trying to focus on putting together a one-year birthday party for K&A.  This actually makes me cry.  I can't believe everything I've been through in this past almost-year.  Life has changed so drastically and I wouldn't trade a single tear, sleepless night, spilled drop of breast milk or poop disaster for anything!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pumpk'n Pick'n

Kaleb and Aiden went to their first Pumpkin Patch this past weekend!

It was cute to see their expressions in a sea of orange, and they both picked a favorite little guy to carry around the rest of the day.

The guys LOVED the train ride, which we rode along with friends Hailee and Lilly!  Placing our pumpkins with our porch mums makes our front door feel so welcoming.

I put out some Fall decorations and K&A have taken a particular liking to my fabric pumpkins.  I line them up everyday for them to rearrange.

Aiden plays what I call "mama kitty".  He's been doing this since he started crawling.  He picks up toys with extension features (his favorites are elephant trunks) and carries them around hanging out of his mouth.  I think it's adorable.

We are having a nice dose of cooler weather, in other words, it's no longer in the 90's.  If it doesn't rain this coming weekend we might take the boys to the lake.  Hope you are all having a good week so far!   

Friday, October 4, 2013

Double Digits!

Happy 10 month birthday Kaleb and Aiden!!!

New favorite game: Play with curtains.  They squeal and laugh, just like parachute!
Usually babies have a 9month health and wellness check-up, but we were playing in here are our double digit stats and milestones.

Kaboom comes in weighing 17 pounds 11 ounces and measures 26.8 inches long!

Mr. Aiden weighs half a pound more at 18 pounds 3 ounces and measures 27.3 inches!  Clearly I measured incorrectly last month.  It's also becoming increasing difficult to take pictures of BOTH boys TOGETHER.....I need better props next time!

Sleep:  Both are back on track, so am I.  They go to bed around 730pm and wake up around 730-8am.  They wake up so peacefully and happy, talking to each other and trying to pass binkies back and forth between cribs.  They take 2 naps a day, both are usually 1.5 hours long.  

Food:  I started K&A on their first protein, so this week they are enjoying chicken!  They've also recently had cinnamon, green beans, yogurt, blueberries and asparagus!!!  They eat 3 meals a day.  Fruits and oatmeal for breakfast.  Lunch is usually a fruit with oatmeal and veggie.  Dinner they have fruit and yogurt and a veggie.  

Discoveries and Accomplishments:  The boys have rediscovered water in a new way.  They are WILD in the bathtub splashing, crawling around and chasing toys!  They act the same way in the swimming pool....only they crawl a little slower since the bottom surface is rough on their knees.

We aren't walking YET, but the boys are having good practice with our rolling toy cart.

They are also both becoming super trusting letting go of something to reach out to grab something else.

Baby Babbles:  Kaleb is always experimenting and makes SO many noises.  His new talking sounds exactly like yodeling!  He cracks us up!!  Both guys do high pitch "shrieks" when they are REAL excited about something and both say BaBaBaBa.  I think it's because I'm constantly singing BaaBaa Black Sheep.

The boys are currently sweeping the stars, so I'm off to price items for our yard sale tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Modern Art

Happy October and Happy Birthday to Keith!!

The boys and I had such a fun day.  We took a walk this morning, which was entirely crazy since it's still 92 degrees out!  Since our outdoor adventures are limited we decided to get CREATIVE indoors and the boys painted Keith some birthday presents!

They had a blast!  I knew the boys would want to taste the paint, so did some research and made everything edible and non-toxic.  (Very easy.  Mix flour and water until you reach the consistency you want and add food coloring.  The more you add the more bold the color.  I wanted to preserve their paintings and covering it with a thick layer of Mod Podge seemed to do the trick, otherwise the flour will eventually crack and flake off.)

The boys were more interested in the jars, or my camera at times, but it was so cute to see how they reacted to the squish of the paint between their fingers, and to see their expressions as they figured out THEY were the creators of the mess on the canvas.

My little artists were born today!  I hope they enjoyed painting as much as the bath afterwards.  What a treat, two baths in one day!  Extra exhausting for mama, but all in good fun.  Everyone, and everything-including the diapers-washed up super easy.

The boys see their pediatrician on Friday, so look for some 10 month stats this weekend!  I hope to go apple picking and pumpkin hunting this weekend as well!  

Hope you are all enjoying FALL!!