Monday, December 30, 2013

One Year Photos

I'm a little late posting Kaleb and Aiden's one year photos.
My little men are such handsome little guys, and I'm so proud of all they have accomplished!

Photo Credit: Lauren Whitus Photography
Photo Credit: Lauren Whitus Photography

The boys are totally digging straw cups, and we have officially quit bottles for good!  The transition was easy, and I'm really happy I decided to skip sippy-cups.  The best part of pitching the bottles means I'm a free woman.  For over a year I was a hostage, beaten, sometimes bloody, prisoner of a breastpump.  I nursed the boys successfully in the hospital, and for a couple weeks at home, but was having to pump anyways to keep my supply up and running.  Nursing two babies, then pumping, then washing pump parts, diaper changes, sometimes clothing changes was too much.  Instead of maybe getting a 45 min "rest" before having to start the process over again, I wasn't getting ANY "rest".  SO, I became an exclusive pumper, only nursing a baby when I needed their help to clear a clog, which sadly happened too frequently.  I last nursed a boy around 6.5 months.  I dream of the day I may have the opportunity to breastfeed ONE child, and never think about using a pump again.  Packing it up for the UPS man was a happy day I will not soon forget!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last week of 2013 and has an interesting resolution in mind.

I wish every one of you the very happiest in the new year.  Make it count!!

Photo Credit: Lauren Whitus Photography

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happiest Holidays

Wishing you all a holiday season of laughter and love.
Happiest Holidays
Love: The Rickels
We had some pictures taken a couple weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier.  I almost canceled the session, about 18gazillion times, but decided it would be worth it to have a nice family picture.

I'm creating a fun photo wall upstairs in the boys play room, with a collection of the boys one year photos, a few from the shoot above and K&A's canvas paintings.

Growing up a few traditions have stuck with me year-after-year.  Baking an obscene amount of cookies, and having homemade pasta dinner on Christmas eve.  My mom, sisters and I would spend the entire day singing, dancing and creating in the kitchen.  Dinner was always delicious and I have fond memories of my mom coming downstairs always dressed in something beautiful!!  Surprisingly newborn twins didn't stop Keith and I last year, and we managed to make pasta.  I even set aside my nursing bra for dinner and brought out my high-heals.  This year we have a serious case of toddler tornado, and I threw in the towel, TWICE, claiming dinner was canceled.  Keith got Aiden and I under control, then Kaleb helped finish in the kitchen!

A couple weeks ago Keith heard about a military free-tree giveaway and walked through the door with a pine tree.  It remained undecorated for over a week, until Keith took it upon himself to play Elf.  He hung stockings and everything, and I have to say, he did a wonderful job.

I felt bad for not contributing so I made a faux fireplace for kicks.

The boys enjoyed opening a bunch of toys from family and friends (thank you everyone!!!).  Included were two little floppy snowmen from their GG and PopPop.  I wish I had a photo of Kaleb's initial expression when he saw his new friend in the box.

Kman in blue, AJ in grey
He carries Frosty around with a giant smile on his face, kisses, hugs and sits talking to him in a soft high-pitched voice.  It's A-dorable!!!!  We then all had waffles, bacon and cantaloupe for breakfast!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1st Birthday Bash

We successfully threw the boys a birthday party!  Kaleb woke up on his birthday with a fever and awful cold, passed it to Aiden and I the following day and with stuffy noses and little coughs we had the party without our other kid/baby friends.  Bummer for the boys not to play with their pals, but it was best not to share germs.  Having sick kiddos isn't fun.  

The presents, blueberry covered cupcakes and company were all terrific distractions for the boys, and I think helped them feel so much better!

A huge thank you to all our friends and family for sharing such a special occasion with us, we truly appreciate everything you all have done, and continue to do!!  

My mom was such a big help preparing the party.  Grocery shopping was a breeze!  The boys drove and pointed to all the special things they wanted to serve.

I had so much fun putting together a time-line from the past year, eating sweets and drinking sangria.

The boys are obsessed with their new puzzles, drums and toy cars!

If Kaleb had it his way he'd sleep with his cars!  He loves them so much.  With all the new toys my mom and brother helped me rearrange the upstairs playroom to better suit the boys needs.  We also cleared a space for the boys holiday present……I can't wait to share when it arrives!!!!

Until then the deputy and sheriff are on the watch.

Again, many thanks to you all!  Love, the gummybear twins!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

One Year Milestones

The boys had a fun-filled birthday full of hugs and kisses, singing and extraordinary presents.
1st birthday present from Uncle Ben (OB) and Grandpa Eddie.  Huge box…which has become our clubhouse
K&A's new puppymoblie.  This is GRAND fun.  K walked across the kitchen right after this picture!

I think Kaleb and Aiden favor their hand-made rocking horses from their Bma.  What a special gift.

Kaleb and Aiden had a fun opportunity to have their one-year cake attack and neither one went past the whipped cream and sprinkles!  HA.

Yesterday we saw our pediatrician and here are our 12 month milestones:

Height and weight:  Kaleb is 18 pounds 14 ounces and 27.5 inches!!

Aiden is 20 pounds and 28 inches!!!  What little peanuts!

Sleep:  Two naps a day, 730 bedtime and awake usually around 7am.

Food:  New foods this past month includes eggs, tomatoes, pasta, onions, corn, black beans.  I feel like we are good with anything from here on out besides peanut butter and strawberries (which aren't recommended until age 3 now.  Jeesh.)

Discoveries and Accomplishments:  Both boys have learned to come DOWN the steps now!  Kaleb is pretty fast moving and Aiden likes to climb up a little better.  They have accomplished walking too.  Aiden is on the verge of running, and Kaleb just learned, so is still a wobble guy.  They have discovered rocking on their horses is the most fun ever, and Kaleb makes a horsey Gallup sound.

Baby Babbles: No new words recently, just the gallup noise.

Today K&A have their big birthday party, so the celebrating continues!  This past week we all enjoyed the last few nights of Hanukkah

and even had a blast playing at our first visit to the zoo.  The monkey's, TWIN TIGER CUBS, hippos and jaguar were our favorites.

Most phenomenal photo ever.  Courtesy of BMA!

I'll be sure to post birthday party photos soon!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


That's me.  Crazy emotional wreak over here.  I've been crying everyday as the boys inch closer to their one year birthday.  I can't believe how much has happened, and how quickly time went by.

I remember every moment so clearly from a year ago today.  The first time I held Aiden, what he smelled like, the sound of his breathing and the feel of his tiny body against my chest.

My heart still skips a few beats when I think of the first time I saw Kaleb, under the wires, the sounds of the beeping monitors and rise and fall of his chest.  I can never explain the way I felt when my doctor came into my room with good news...I could finally hold him.  I scarfed my grilled cheese sandwich and made my way to the nicu as quickly as I could move.  I sang to him and silently cried so hard I couldn't breath.  I was utterly filled with so much love at his touch.

I'm grateful I had such a kind and patient doctor, who continues to take his time with the boys and myself.  He is a wonderful man and at times I'm not sure I would have survived handing Aiden over to anyone else when he had his first sleep apnea episode.  We see Dr. Madson on Friday for health and wellness exams, afterwards I'll be sure to post stats.


I love you deeply, forever and always!