Monday, December 30, 2013

One Year Photos

I'm a little late posting Kaleb and Aiden's one year photos.
My little men are such handsome little guys, and I'm so proud of all they have accomplished!

Photo Credit: Lauren Whitus Photography
Photo Credit: Lauren Whitus Photography

The boys are totally digging straw cups, and we have officially quit bottles for good!  The transition was easy, and I'm really happy I decided to skip sippy-cups.  The best part of pitching the bottles means I'm a free woman.  For over a year I was a hostage, beaten, sometimes bloody, prisoner of a breastpump.  I nursed the boys successfully in the hospital, and for a couple weeks at home, but was having to pump anyways to keep my supply up and running.  Nursing two babies, then pumping, then washing pump parts, diaper changes, sometimes clothing changes was too much.  Instead of maybe getting a 45 min "rest" before having to start the process over again, I wasn't getting ANY "rest".  SO, I became an exclusive pumper, only nursing a baby when I needed their help to clear a clog, which sadly happened too frequently.  I last nursed a boy around 6.5 months.  I dream of the day I may have the opportunity to breastfeed ONE child, and never think about using a pump again.  Packing it up for the UPS man was a happy day I will not soon forget!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last week of 2013 and has an interesting resolution in mind.

I wish every one of you the very happiest in the new year.  Make it count!!

Photo Credit: Lauren Whitus Photography

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