Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Everyday is full of silly little giggles, coos, bubbles and wiggles!
This age is SO fun!  The boys do tummy time face to face and laugh at the sight of each other.  Before bath time I put the boys up to their reflection in the mirror....and it's HILARIOUS!  They squirm with delight and try to wiggle out of my hands.  Oh.What.Joy!

I'm learning that babies thrive off routine, and our morning and afternoon naps are doing great.

This past weekend we started the boys on rice cereal at breakfast time.  It's a crazy thing trying to teach a baby to eat off a spoon.  The first day Kaleb rocked it.  It was like "hey, it's a spoon, give it to me I know exactly what to do!"  Aiden cried the entire feeding.  Now Aiden rocks it and Kaleb cries.  Oh well, it's just once a day and we are all learning.

While the boys and I were in the hospital in December our winter frost swept through and killed most of my plants/flowers.  Ugh, I hated not being home to prevent that!  Anyways, Aiden and I spent yesterday morning planting some new pretties and pulling weeds.  Hopefully the remaining spring showers will help these babies grow big and strong like the purple bunch (my only surviving patch).

The boys LOVE story time every morning.

They also LOVE when I sing "head shoulders knees and toes".  I'm working on baby sign language...focusing on milk, up, hungry, cat :)
Aiden gives "the worried look" when Keith and I whistle and Kaleb is sport'n a sweet fauxhawk now!

Hope everyone is happy and well.
Love to you all. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Nursery Tour

Welcome to the boys nursery!

Almost everything in this room was either hand-made or gifted, making it my very favorite space in the house.  Simple greys and yellows were easiest to stick with pre-gummyboys.

These beautiful crib skirts were made with love by B-ma!  She is SO talented!

It's wonderful to watch the boys expressions as the mobiles twirl above them!  They dance all night long since the window stays cracked open.  Fresh Air is best!

For a long time I wasn't sure about adding a chair to the room, but settled on this comfy IKEA rocker.  Thank goodness.  This has been my life saver the past two nights soothing Kaleb to sleep.  Next to the door is one of my favorite items in the room.  A giraffe painting from Aunt Jessica!

I never did find the curtains I had in for now I really enjoy these sheers from World Market.  I also wanted something alphabetical for the room, and settled on making a wooden wall hanging with a subtle pop of the A and K.

I searched everywhere for a large 6 drawer dresser to store everything...and couldn't resist jazzing it up with some fun knobs!

Hope you enjoyed seeing their room.  I look forward to adding more as they grow!
Enjoy the weekend.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Swim Lesson!

Our swimming pool officially opened yesterday!
Today, the boys had their very first swim lesson!

Did you know Aiden is the next Ryan Lochte?

Did you know Kaleb is the next Michael Phelps?

We had to flip their little hats up to see their sweet faces...which made Aiden look like a little sailor!

Sometimes Kaleb doesn't like to share Mama!

Swimming is fun, but 90 degree days already!?!  I'm ready to move outta this Texas heat.
In other news, sleeping is getting better.  Yesterday was the sweetest morning.  I woke up @930 to the boys having conversations with their elephant/giraffe mobile.  It was ADORABLE.  I watched on the monitor for a few minutes, then had to jump into the convo!

Kaleb is a grab EVERYTHING stage.  He loves to play with all the extra fabric of his sleeping bag!

We are also borrowing a friends Bumbo Chair to see what the fuss is all about.  Kaleb seems to genuinely enjoy it.  

Lucie and Teddy have officially become famous!  "Sprinkles and Cupcake" have started their very own blog!  Enjoy photos and updates from the double twin cousins!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wellness Checkup

I can't imagine life with multiples without a schedule...ahhh the dreaded word!  Life has become so repetitive, especially when 8pm comes around.  Afternoons seem to be the only option for variety....go for a walk?  grocery shopping?  pick flowers?  take pictures?

Now that the 4th trimester is long and gone I feel like I've gotten the hang of things.  My favorite time of day, for myself, is during the boy's morning nap.  I'm able to accomplish whatever house chores I have on my plate.

Kman loves to nap on his belly!

I have two things to share.  The first...something that goes against the "dreaded" schedule...Doctor Appointments.  The past two days were a nightmare.  The boys had their 4 month health and wellness check-up, and shots, on Monday.  We spent HOURS in the office!  The boys were extra irritated all evening and ran fevers until late last night.  Dealing with two infants not feeling well was AWFUL.  I had to walk away for a cry it out session in my dining room while K & A screamed from the living room. Shots are terrible.

Poor Kaleb, really not feeling well

The second thing is wonderful, and goes beautifully with a schedule. Cloth diapering!!

My laundry room has been prepped and ready for months.  Should have started long ago!

Many thanks for the inspiration and coaching from big sister Julia!! Teddy & Lucie are already rocking these awesome diapers.  It's fun, so easy and c.u.t.e!!  Best thing.....we're about to save a zillion, yes a zillion, buckaroos!  More spending money for frozen yogurt!!  Mama Rickel, you know how good it is!!!!!!

Love, Peace & Happy Butts!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Flowers


Recently we had a massive wave of thunderstorms, and the rain was SO welcome!  April showers brings up the flowers :)  I was nervous the boys would be afraid of the storm, so I stationed myself in the nursery ready to sooth crying babies.....both slept like champs through every crash!  

The boys had a VERY exciting day on their Grandpa Eddie's birthday (April 3rd) and is my favorite milestone to date!  BOTH, rolled over for the very first time!!!  I yelled with so much excitement I almost put Aiden in tears.  Haha.  He did it again right away, then Kaleb showed me how he can do anything his "little" brother does!  I missed having both on video.  These guys move quick, then when I'm filming they refuse to participate.  Oh well, I'm SOOO proud of my big boys!

Other milestones:
Kaleb weighs 13 pounds 1 ounce and Aiden 13 pounds 8 ounces.
They both wake up several times during the night but only scream for one feeding, usually at 5am, then again at 9am.  Pretty awesome.

Reflux is getting a little better and Aiden sings all the time, it's adorable!  Enjoy the video below! (check on  your computer if you aren't able to view)

Kaleb also holds onto, and plays with his friends/rattles/car keys!  He is too cute!

Looking forward to shopping for the boys today at my multiples group annual spring sale!  I made these yummy treats for the bake table so I can shop 30-minutes early.  Whoop, whoop!

Hugs and Kisses!