Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Showers

It was a fun and busy month, and I have lots of photos to share since we had some super fun visits with my sister Jess is town....and then Jules-Lucie and TedBear came too!!  I really need to blog more often so it's not always a photo dump.

The beginning of the month kicked off with a Spring snowstorm in NorthEast Ohio then a birthday bash for Papa Eddie!  The big cousins and twin cousins all had a sleepover and got to enjoy each others company.  Lots of love flying around when these 6 are together.  Everyone is going nuts with excitement thinking about the family vacation in August.  It's going to be the best ever.

We all got to celebrate cousin Josh's birthday next, and Teddy showed off his awesome candle blowing out skills.  The toddler biker gang had a great time racing on side streets and we had a super fun lunch date at Aunt Nan's, complete with ring-around-the-rosy!

Jess fiddle performed concerts everyday spiking even more spontaneous hand-holding, dance parties and music lessons.  It's the best!

Before we headed back to Ohio, where we later said goodbye to the twin cousins, we were SO lucky to take the kids to a friend's horse barn.  Lucie June is destined to ask for a pony on every.single.birthday till the end of time.

I especially love looking back at these photos from a couple weeks ago, since I'm not sure when we'll see the twin cousins again. We miss you guys everyday!  Hope everyone had a great April!

Cousin Love is REAL
Big Big Pucker Kisses!