Thursday, October 22, 2015

Colorado: Part Two

I planned on publishing this post the day after part one...and here we are, already at the end of the week.  I just flipped through the rest of the photos yesterday, and here I sit, missing Colorado so much all over again.  Even though they have a fresh 7 inches of snow, I wish I was still there!

Part two of our mountain toddler tales starts during our last few days, when the twin cousins and awesome Aunt Jules finally arrived!!  I love when the quads are together.  Jules and I stood around laughing at the huffing and puffing toddlers asking to be carried, proclaiming they were tired, yet still managed to battle the high altitude.

Our days were jumbled with tea parties, visiting "the girls" (chickens and ducks), fighting over who got which swing on the playground, playing with Scotia (the best mountain pup I ever did see), a cute treasure hunt for children of the forest, teepee shenanigans, hammock love and more.  My favorite activity was watching the treasure hunt.  The kids reactions were precious, my mom is so clever and creative.  What fun memories we all made together.  

Love for Aunt Jess
Lucie June loves to blow bubbles
Tea Party at their newly made mushroom table!
Little girls love to twirl
supercalifragilisticexpialiSCOIOUS!!  we love her
Reading about the children of the forest before the hunt
Lucie had pigtails, so naturally Kaleb and AJ HAD to have them too
A fresh duck egg for each toddler

Hope to visit BMA, Michael, Aunt Jess and Scotia again soon.  Miss and love you all.  Thank you again for such a wonderful trip!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Colorado: Part One

We had such a fabulous vacation in the Rocky Mountains, and SO many photos I need to break it up in two parts!

Coloring activities on the plane ride.  They were travel professionals!

The boys were the very best travel companions I could ever dream up!  They listened, stayed close, were uber charming, had the entire back end of the plane laughing while waiting on our arrival gate and helped make some of the best memories in our lives yet!!!

My mom always blows me away by her generosity and welcome party.  She greeted us inside the airport, with two new matchbox cars and all the happy hugs and helpfulness I could have asked for.

Our first days were full of time-zone confusion and stormy weather, but it was perfect to get adjusted.  K&A have never been so hilarious, and are simply the best company in the world.  We had a great time exploring the final days of late Autumn.  The boys loved our daily walks to feed the girls (chickens and ducks), visiting the blue aspens in Breckenridge (accidentally got covered in blue....but no worries it's non-toxic and wiped right off), had our very first music lesson in Aunt Jessica's studio, helped BMA in his sewing studio and made some fantastic paintings!

AJ was SO excited when he started playing!
Always gathering leaves for BMA!
Peace and Love
Sewing all by himself!
Incase you didn't already know.....Kaleb's favorite color is RED
The boys and I had a fantastic week and couldn't wait to see the twin cousins.  Part two coming up next.