Monday, March 24, 2014

Green Thumb

I'm nothing like my mother, who creates and builds the most beautiful gardens you could imagine.  If she lived at a lower altitude, with more than one warm weather season, Claude Monet would ask to paint at her home.  But, those cards can't be dealt and...I try.

The first day of Spring the boys and I picked up some fresh planters and got to work.  We filled some empty pots I had around the house, a couple baskets and put a ton in our front yard bed.  Aiden is beyond obsessed with…the hose…so he's in charge of watering!

Aside from planting and eating dirt the boys had their 15 month check-up.  Kaleb weighs 20 pounds 1 ounce and measure 30 1/4 inches tall.  He is absolutely on track with talking.  Currently he says Mama, Dada, Kaka ("potty" mouth), Kitty, Boom, Doggie, Turtle, Cow and signs Milk.  Yodeling is still Kman's choice communication.

Aiden weighs 21 pounds 14 ounces and measures 30 3/4 inches tall.  He says Mama, Dada and Kaka.  Yesterday Aiden started what sounds exactly like barking…..but tonight during dinner I realized he is actually meowing.  I think.  The cat meows…he barks.  Funny!

Both boys can identity nose and eyes, window, door, painting, flowers, light, fan, smoke detector…..They eat with forks, point to things they want, understand gobs of phrases (like: lets go brush our teeth, time for breakfast, lets go upstairs) and LOVE reading stories!  They also roar like lions and go ooo-ooo for an owl.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  The boys and I had a really fun day and they pulled a few shenanigans that got the better of me….

It all started before breakfast.  Kaleb and I were building a tower with stacking cups, and I thought Aiden was playing in his room…which he often does if he manages to reach through the crib bars to grab his elephant or binkie.  I heard a weird noise a few times in a row so went to investigate.  Ummm, yeah.  Aiden 1 Mama 0….

I called Keith upstairs to take a look and when he asked Aiden "what did you do?" the kid let the waterworks roll, hahaha.  I thought it was hilarious to begin with, but that just made me laugh harder.

Breakfast was entertaining with green waffles, lucky charms and a fruit rainbow!  On the way to the table Kaleb also said good morning to our house guest by saying, very clearly, "doggie!"  It was adorable.

We spent the rest of the morning making lucky charm/rice krispie treats and cupcakes.  The boys are very good at helping me in the kitchen.  Aiden can reach all the stove knobs and happily turns up the fire…yikes.  I'm learning everyday Aiden requires constant supervision and Kaleb is not far behind.  He is learning to climb on everything too.  Kaleb 1 Mama 0…

We took our morning walk to deliver treats to neighborhood friends, and on the way home the boys ditched their new green light-up spike balls.  I didn't realize until we were already home or where they could be for that matter.  BUT, immediately spotted one at the end of the street and ran to grab it…..the next one was another block up….Twins 2 Mama 0.

Despite the shenanigans it was a fun day, and the boys actually went past the icing for a change and ate some cake.  Hope you didn't get pinched today!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Forward

The boys first visit to a Museum

Daylight savings time….shutter...Fall back was very hard on us and things went bazerk for a solid week, then we all started sleeping and breathing again.  I was determined to conquer Spring forward and so far so good :)

Thanks to the help of my sister, wise advice from Dr. Weissbluth (author of healthy sleep habits, happy child) and great feedback from my multiples group, I was prepared to change everything….

We're still adjusting but things are going extremely well.  We've transitioned to ONE afternoon nap a day leaving TONS OF PLAYTIME!  Holy cow we are wild over here.  It's pretty awesome having more time to build castles, read books and focus on puzzles.  We also have plenty of extra time to run errands and visit the playground in the mornings or afternoon, or both.

Most epic play date ever with my multiples group.  3 sets of triplets and 11 sets of twins!  Kaleb in front with yellow shirt and Aiden off to the left with grey hoodie.

We have some fun upcoming morning dates to visit a farmers market and library story/activity time.  St. Patty's day cupcakes are on the menu too.  Until then Kaleb asks me to wash the windows every day and Aiden is climbing UP on EVERYTHING!!