Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
Also, Happy Birthday to my MaMa!  The prettiest princess in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!
And, Happy Birthday to my gorgeous niece numero uno Chloe Lyn!!

It's been a good weekend with lots to celebrate.  For the first time in 6 month's Keith and I went out solo to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.  I put the boys to bed and we left for a late dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  The pediatrician recommended we introduce a "calming" object at the boys are now sleeping with their little owl and elephant.  Kaleb has been sleeping through the night, and holds onto a blanket, but he likes the owl too!  

Fathers Day was a happy day full of sunshine!  I skipped my morning nap to make french toast, bacon and fruit salad for breakfast.  Dinner was just as delicious with steak kabobs on the grill.

It's SO hot here, and the boys sweat too much in their car seats, so for the first time I buckled them into the stroller like big boys. I think they like the new view better anyways!

Speaking of big boys, I finally kicked the baby bath sling.  Not sure what the heck took me so long!  The boys splash and throw their arms and legs around in the tub now.  It's pretty fun!

Aiden is officially crawling backwards.  If he wants to go forward or sideways he rolls to his destination.  Both our guys are great at doing 360's.

Kaleb is superman.  Seriously, he FLYS as often as possible...which seems to be about every 3 seconds.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Countdown to family vaca.....6.more.days.

Monday, June 10, 2013

6 Month Milestones

K&A had a great checkup today with our FAVORITE pediatrician!  It's been a six month battle to get an appointment with him, but finally it worked out!  He was in shock and awe at how the boys have grown.  The last time he saw them was the day he bid us farewell standing in the NICU, when both boys were a teeny 4 pounds.

Today Kaleb weighs 15 pounds 8 ounces and measures 25 1/4 inches long!
Aiden weighs 16 pounds 2 ounces and measures 25.5 inches!

The boys are within the 20% percentile for a 6month baby, which is great considering they were born a month early.

Other milestones:  Aiden's first tooth is about to bust through!!!  We can see the start of it on the bottom right gum.  He is being such a trooper and getting familiar with sophie the giraffe.

The boys are also enjoying oatmeal and bananas twice a day!!  I'm going to start veggies in the next week or two.

Happy birthday to their Grandpa Rickel too!  Hope you've enjoyed your day today!
Hugs and Kisses

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Half Birthday


Has half a year seriously passed by already?
I can't help but ponder....why am I surprised time has passed so quickly?
I was AWAKE for most of it!  Jeesh.

Aiden in the zip sweater, Kaboom in button shirt & vest
I've been SO excited to see the boys wear these outfits...gifted by wonderful friends currently living in Germany.  Thanks Rian and Stacey!

Sadly the boys couldn't strut their stuff for too long, since we're closing in on 100 degree days.  The clothes are still a little big (yay, room to grow) and on cooler days we'll dress up again.

We go for the 6-month health and wellness checkup (and dreaded shots) on the 10th and will add height and weight stats.

Aiden rocks on his hands and knees now....crawling will follow at any second, I swear.  If he isn't rocking he is working extra hard to sit up and look around!

AJ loving the sit-up view!  Twinz pillow makes an awesome support for this stage!
Kaleb is quite content tugging on his toes.

Below are some typical daily Kaleb shenanigans.

 Hope you enjoy the belly laugh....cause he thinks he's HILARIOUS.
Oh, and Cheers!!!  It's my 50th post :)