Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Show and Tell

Yesterday I decided was a fun day to play show and tell with the boys!

Wear a baby!  Carry a baby!
We had an awesome adventure to buy a piece of furniture (to use as my craft center/sewing station), the bank to see some old friends, and hobby lobby for paper to make St. Patty's Day garland!  YAY!

The boys looked extra cute in their polo shirts.  They are such cute kittens with their mittens, but today I felt extra brave and cut their nails.  Now that I'm a pro..maybe I can maintain the talons and retire the mittens.


If Kaboom ever campaigns for presidency I think he should use this photo for his "VOTE FOR KALEB" posters!  Ha.

Remember me talking about the "worried" look Aiden gives...before he smiles?  Thought I'd show you what I was talking about...

It's a shame the weather is already so warm here in Texas.  Their blue and green hats made by Aunt Jessica would have been phenomenal with these shirts!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Fun

What a special day I had with the twins!  I got the BEST present from Kaleb on my birthday eve.  The last feeding of the night is usually the most difficult for Kaboom, who cries and cries.  Last night the roles were reversed.  He stopped crying and I started!  Why?  Because the little man started officially SMILING back at me!  Aiden, as you all have seen, grins and grins, and now Kaleb does the same!  What a treat!

I took a little video of him talking to his friends today (the owls).  I waited way to long to start the we only got a little talking, and then he gets kinda upset (it was time to eat).  But, enjoy the cuteness in the first 10 seconds.  He does this all the time and likes to talk to B-ma on the phone too!
(If the video doesn't appear below, and you're on your phone..check the blog on a computer)

Speaking of treats I had a delicious tulip...

It was a bit of a surprise cause I was told there was a piece of white cake underneath the butter cream frosting and fresh fruit.  I dug in and found yummy chocolate cake instead!  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

Thank you everyone for the phone calls and messages.  I feel SOO loved!  Even the Penguins wished me a happy birthday!  3 goals in the first period and a 5-3 victory over Tampa Bay.  The boys are going to start chanting "lets go pens" as their first words.  Wouldn't that be cool?!?!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Three things I currently could not live without:

1.  Cradle Swing
2.  Patience
3.  Pacifier

All three are for my little kaboom.  The swing and pacifier almost seem to be the only things that calm him down, and the patience are for Aiden and I.

Our swing is usually occupied by Aiden, but the past few days Kaleb has been taking over.  These things are space hoggers, battery eaters and mommy savers!  Have a baby?  Get a swing!

Kaleb has become Mr. High Maintenance and Aiden is EXTRA patient waiting for me to calm his brother down.  Burping, dancing, singing, leg name it.  It's so sweet (and sad) how Aiden just watches me with his big blue diamonds.  Aiden is also SUPER smiley!  He has a funny "worried" look he gives at first, then you smile-he smiles...and smiles...and smiles!

I changed their diet several days ago, removing all rice cereal and formula (I was supplementing one feeding before bed every night).  Both disagree with the boys and plug them up BAD.  They are back to eating every 2-4 hours, which is extra exhausting, but I think it's worth all the other benefits.  Then when it's finally time to take a nap, which I can't resist doing with one of the boys...Kaleb turns into a giant pillow hog!

Peace, Love and Happy Napping

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wiggle Worm

The boys just had a very special and amazing visit with their Aunt Rachael!!

Since I've been insisting the boys sleep through the night I've been trying a hand full of different tricks.  Sometimes they seem to work and I get a solid 5 hours straight, then the next night I'm awake with screaming gummyboys every 2 hours.  What gives?  Between B-ma's visit and Aunt Rachael's Kaleb has become a "crazy" guy.  Rachael calls him wiggle worm!  We are having a lot of gas issues, and Kaboom isn't doing the right kind of kaboom...if you know what I mean.  The remedy?  APPLE JUICE!!  Kaleb LOVES LOVES it, and today Aiden had an ounce as well.  Their faces light up when they taste the deliciousness and the bottle is g.o.n.e in seconds!  Fingers crossed the juice will ultimately help these guys stay regular, which will help me keep my sanity. 

OHH the lips!

Wiggle Wiggle
2 weeks 5 days until the boys see Daddy again.  How much will they grow???  I swear everyday they are about to leap to the next clothing size.  All newborn items are boxed and ready to send to the twin cousins!  Now to find time to get to the post office :)

Happy President's Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cutest Couple

My Valentines have stolen my heart!

The boys are making SO many noises these days.  They talk and talk and talk!  It's so fun.  Mostly I call out "zebra" and "lizard" (I can only imagine the noise they are making is just like a baby zebra..and it's so entertaining how they stick their tongues out to say I'M HUNGRY.)  We have officially outgrown our newborn clothing and are trying to settle into some routines around sleeping.

Yes, I'm no longer a newborn

I'm insisting they sleep through the night, but they insist on disagreeing.  Grr.  But, could you argue with these faces?????....

I have loved you for a thousand years...and I'll love you for a thousand more!

We had such an amazing visit with Bma and miss her SOOO much.  We have a blast taking pictures when she's in town and will hopefully see her again soon!  Possibly in Chicago, since "cupcake and sprinkles" arrival is fast approaching!

Hope everyone enjoys their Valentines Day.

Valentines, Heart Garland and Roses <3 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two Months

Happy two month birthday Kaleb and Aiden!

The boys at the doctors office getting ready for their shots

Here are some milestones to remember...
Kaleb comes in weighing 10 pounds 3 ounces, and Aiden is a bruiser (so says B-ma) at 10 pounds 10 ounces!

Kaleb has turned into a big, big talker!  He is a noisy guy sleeping and awake!  When I don't hear him cooing my heart skips half-a-beat, but he's always perfectly fine.  The boys are growing SOOO fast and prove to be "big" boys since our doctor has cleared them to start baby cereal!  This is wonderful and should help with their reflux.  Maybe they'll start sleeping a little longer too.

 The boys also just had their first visit with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Seidner!! 

They showed off their big-boy outfits,

Hello Blue Diamonds!

how well they are at holding their heads up

and we all took a walk in the sunshine.

Out enjoying the ride
Kaleb is such a gas-guy he acquired the nickname KABOOM.  They geared up for Superbowl Sunday and Aiden has spectacular aim and puked on everyone!  They miss them so much already and hope to see the Greats again soon!

Other updates...the canvas wall art arrived, as well as the fluffy rug for their room.  Everything is coming together really nicely.

I also received my big order of girl scout cookies yesterday evening. YUM.
Happy Love Month to everyone!  My mom, K&A and I will be busy making Valentines the next few days :)  Looking forward to sharing our ideas with everyone soon!

Melts my heart <3