Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cutest Couple

My Valentines have stolen my heart!

The boys are making SO many noises these days.  They talk and talk and talk!  It's so fun.  Mostly I call out "zebra" and "lizard" (I can only imagine the noise they are making is just like a baby zebra..and it's so entertaining how they stick their tongues out to say I'M HUNGRY.)  We have officially outgrown our newborn clothing and are trying to settle into some routines around sleeping.

Yes, I'm no longer a newborn

I'm insisting they sleep through the night, but they insist on disagreeing.  Grr.  But, could you argue with these faces?????....

I have loved you for a thousand years...and I'll love you for a thousand more!

We had such an amazing visit with Bma and miss her SOOO much.  We have a blast taking pictures when she's in town and will hopefully see her again soon!  Possibly in Chicago, since "cupcake and sprinkles" arrival is fast approaching!

Hope everyone enjoys their Valentines Day.

Valentines, Heart Garland and Roses <3 

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