Friday, September 30, 2016

Lantern Fest

A special family night out:

One month ago I caught news of a magical night I simply HAD to take part in, and although my initial thought was to get away and have a fun date night with Keith, I knew the boys would love it so much too.

Similiar to my favorite scene from Disney's Tangled, Lantern Fest is still fresh in my mind. One of the most magical, beautiful and surreal moments and I'm beyond thankful to have brought the boys along!

Once we checked in, received our "kits" (lanterns, markers, lighters, graham crackers and marshmallows) we found a nice group to share a campfire with and set off to take in the surroundings.  We tracked down dinner, chocolate bars for s'more making and settled in together to enjoy the night.  In the middle of world frights left and right it was beyond refreshing to see SO many people SO happy!  Seriously; every single person had a smile on their face.  We all sang, danced, people were chasing lanterns, laughing and I saw some of the most outstanding art in the most unexpected ways.  From the overall view, remarkable silhouettes, expanding to the drawings individuals put on their lanterns, it was ah-mazing!

The festival travels all over-and has my top recommendations to friends and family.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Summer is for Sunflowers

Happy last day of Summer!  

It's been a good one, we filled it with family vacation, camping, ice cream dates, swimming, a successful season of gardening, a few fairs and sunny sunflowers!

I caught word the Cleveland field of hope sunflowers was in full-bloom Labor Day weekend.  Jules and Will came to Pittsburgh for some fun, so after spending a few days with them we hurried to see the glory.  And such an amazing sight it was!

The field grows every year and raises awareness for childhood cancer.  It's a special place full of many emotions, truly a surreal sight.  Watching the boys run through the carved paths, past portraits of children who've lost their battles and families posing for portraits makes your heart ache.  I've never been so thankful for Kaleb and Aiden and the journey Keith and I experienced to bring us into parenthood.  

Arriving as late as we did, the sun disappeared in minutes.  I was pretty disappointed to have missed the golden light, but when you are surrounded by beauty it's hard not to enjoy the moment.  AJ gathered a handful of rocks and asked I take his picture: such a ham!

Just down the road the boys and I picked up some pretty mums for the front porch, and they had such a lovely little sunflower patch.  I couldn't help but snag a self-timed photo of us.  I wish these beauties lasted all summer long!