Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chicago Trip Photo Dump

The Quads!  Photo courtesy: Bma

We had the most fabulous visit to Chicago last week.  The weather was gorgeous for both car rides there and back, which I was exceptionally happy about!  Sunshine days allowed for amazing outings to the zoo, the square and the nature museum!  Then mother nature flipped a switch and it snowed one whole day.  Thank goodness Lucie and Teddy got a tunnel and cinderella for their birthday!  The kids are pretty awesome at occupying their time inside.  Playing "super" (flying around with their new capes BMA made), jumping off the sofa onto a sea of couch pillows, fighting over taking the baby for a walk, choo-chooing, play dough, coloring and helping clean out the fridge.  The quads are so demanding, especially when it comes to having cold water "coo-wawa".  HaHa.  

Balloon/Streamer Surprise for the birthday kids!
Watching for emergency vechiles

Cool Dude Teddy outside the gorilla exhibit.  Photo courtesy: BMa!
Tractor loving toddlers
Blue Diamonds.  This girl is a queen!

The twin cousins turned TWO, Aiden threw a fist full of pebbles at Lucie, who didn't seem to mind, new/different highchairs are apparently the best thing ever, Teddy loves stars, Aiden can literally jump out of a pack'n'play and Teddy had his first successful trip out in undies-which means we have FOUR successfully potty trained toddlers!

Butterfly Garden at the Nature Museum
Watching the big turtle
Personalized homemade poptarts!

Thanks again to my sister for having us, to my mama for spoiling us and to the love and happiness we all share!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Busy Bees

This week the boys and I are SO excited to visit with the twin cousins in the windy city!  They are so excited every time we get in the car Kman says "Aunt Jules, Lucie, Teddy, BMA!"  It's too cute.

In the passing days as the mighty "quad" reunion approaches we have been here and there, oh everywhere.  I took Kaleb to get a real big boy haircut at a fun little salon.  He got to ring bells and push buttons while the stylist did a fabulous job.  The boys had a blast in Pittsburgh over the weekend.  Aunt Nan hosted a beautiful Sunday brunch.  We love hanging out and playing with family!  It's the best!

Kman-pre haircut.  LOVES the pocket discovery!

Wanting to pick up some new fun car snacks I took K&A to Trader Joes.  I have a serious love for this store!  The boys will want this at every store from this day forward....

Happy trails to us.  To help make this an easy trip K&A have some great traveling companions.  Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Rapunzel, Curious George and Clifford  :)  Hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's Day.  I let the boys have sugar cereal, and they were so excited for their rainbow.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Thaw

Daylight savings used to kick my butt with babies.  BUT, K&A aren't babies any longer, and spring forward/fall back is no longer my ultimate enemy.

Last week the boys and I went back home for a family visit in Pittsburgh.  We had a truly marvelous afternoon at the children's museum.  The boys had a blast and we got to visit with my cousin Josh at the same time!  The water floor was probably everyone's favorite area.  The boys got to see, touch and do so many new things.  They were just SO impressed.

We have BIG plans to see the twin cousins in a couple weeks for a special birthday celebration, and we couldn't be more excited.  Everyday the boys ask for Lucie, Teddy and Aunt Jules.  We FaceTime often for arts and crafts and virtual babysitting.  

Until then the boys and I are enjoying sun shine days.  We see lots of chipmunks running about, and the thaw created a perfect opportunity to build a snowman!  K&A, and the Geno "T-toe" cat, were also fabulous models for a photo shoot I had this afternoon for another set of twins.

Really ready for a pro hair-cut!
This is Aiden's HAPPY face

Happy almost Spring!