Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Thaw

Daylight savings used to kick my butt with babies.  BUT, K&A aren't babies any longer, and spring forward/fall back is no longer my ultimate enemy.

Last week the boys and I went back home for a family visit in Pittsburgh.  We had a truly marvelous afternoon at the children's museum.  The boys had a blast and we got to visit with my cousin Josh at the same time!  The water floor was probably everyone's favorite area.  The boys got to see, touch and do so many new things.  They were just SO impressed.

We have BIG plans to see the twin cousins in a couple weeks for a special birthday celebration, and we couldn't be more excited.  Everyday the boys ask for Lucie, Teddy and Aunt Jules.  We FaceTime often for arts and crafts and virtual babysitting.  

Until then the boys and I are enjoying sun shine days.  We see lots of chipmunks running about, and the thaw created a perfect opportunity to build a snowman!  K&A, and the Geno "T-toe" cat, were also fabulous models for a photo shoot I had this afternoon for another set of twins.

Really ready for a pro hair-cut!
This is Aiden's HAPPY face

Happy almost Spring!

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