Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Twin Cousins visit NEO

The quads were back in action last week, here in northeast Ohio, then in Pittsburgh!  What fun we all had.  Play is officially all four of their middle names.  Second middle name has slight variations...choo-choo, red car, outside, no-no doggie...

Kaleb and Aiden loved having Lucie and Teddy here.  They spent most of their time on the back porch, or between the living room and porch sliding the door open, then closed, then open.  We had the best reunion with GiGi and PopPop too.  I'm so happy they are finally back in town!

Lucie and Aiden with the spontaneous hand holding.....
Kaleb and Aiden off to college....

In Pittsburgh the kids visited with Great Grandma Muriel, who looked so beautiful!  It was a special morning and everyone shared sweet kisses.

Playground play, neighborhood walks and cousin get together's kept us busy all week long.  Playoff hockey and star gazing kept the kids up way past bedtime. We were sad to split up again, but so happy to be sleeping back in our own beds.  There's no place like home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

6months In

Late October 2014 we moved into our house.
SIX MONTHS AGO!  Keith and I just realized this last week and I cannot believe it.  Especially when I look around and still see unpacked boxes, art piled in corners, dressers covered in vases, EVERY closet packed full with every random thing you can imagine and unfinished projects.

Our kitchen was coming along so wonderfully.  Then we just stopped.  I wash dishes a zillion times a day and have learned to look past the peeling plaster right in front of my face.  We forgot to paint a square patch on the wall....and even though I brought the paint back out for another room I still forgot about that darn square!  The other room has 3 walls...Keith painted one, I painted the other....and the third one bothers me everyday, but we still haven't finished.  I'm currently laughing because as I type this that very unpainted wall is glaring at me over the computer screen.

At least I can say I did one successful thing trapped indoors this winter.  Potty training.  So 6 months from now I'm going to do a one year house tour to hold myself accountable.  One project a month should be manageable.  Right?  I'm going to set a reminder on my phone...or something.  I WAS going to paint today, but K&A wanted to mow the lawn instead. 

The following photos are just iPhone captures over the week.

Happy almost weekending with my big sister and the twin cousins!!!

Lessons on ROY-G-BIV
PB&J matzos sandwiches for lunch.  My favorite.
Sweet AJ spent Saturday night cuddled close.  That black eye is really something else.
Kaleb is saying "up, mama, help".  He really wants to climb trees.
This morning's pancake breakfast was golden and delicious.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Holiday Weekend

Last week was a fun, busy weekend!
The boys and I headed to Pittsburgh on Friday morning so we could sing happy birthday to my Dad as soon as he walked through the front door!  To make the night extra great, we then headed to my Aunts house for a lovely Passover Seder and birthday celebration.  I made a yummy chocolate-hazelnut macaroon torte my sister found from Smitten Kitchen.  It's definitely something I'll make again, and the second attempt should be much easier.

This was Kaleb and Aiden's very first seder, and I was so thrilled how well they did.  They loved munching on matzos throughout, when they got ants in their pants Aunt Nan and Uncle D brought out some paper and crayons for them, and cousin Sophie held Aiden's hand to keep him relaxed too.  The love the cousins share is the best!  The boys were up SOO late, and despite a disagreement Kaleb had with me regarding a choo-choo nothing felt out of sorts.  Not even the next day!  I took the boys to have a picnic at the park and playground and kept things crazy relaxed.

Next up was a Easter celebration back in Ohio at their Great Grandma's house.  The boys had a blast running around eating jelly beans and loading their little baskets with plastic eggs.  They got to eat more candy than they've ever seen before and I tossed all the plastic eggs in the tub before bedtime for some extra fun.

Thank you to all family for such a wonderful holiday week, and extra birthday hugs and kisses go out to Grandpa Eddie!  We love you so much!