Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Twin Cousins visit NEO

The quads were back in action last week, here in northeast Ohio, then in Pittsburgh!  What fun we all had.  Play is officially all four of their middle names.  Second middle name has slight variations...choo-choo, red car, outside, no-no doggie...

Kaleb and Aiden loved having Lucie and Teddy here.  They spent most of their time on the back porch, or between the living room and porch sliding the door open, then closed, then open.  We had the best reunion with GiGi and PopPop too.  I'm so happy they are finally back in town!

Lucie and Aiden with the spontaneous hand holding.....
Kaleb and Aiden off to college....

In Pittsburgh the kids visited with Great Grandma Muriel, who looked so beautiful!  It was a special morning and everyone shared sweet kisses.

Playground play, neighborhood walks and cousin get together's kept us busy all week long.  Playoff hockey and star gazing kept the kids up way past bedtime. We were sad to split up again, but so happy to be sleeping back in our own beds.  There's no place like home.

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