Monday, February 24, 2014

Company and Thirty

Thought it'd be nice to share some photos from when my Dad came to visit!!!  Our cold front ended just in time for us to head to the zoo and take in some sunshine.  We were so spoiled having the park to ourselves (again)….the weather was still too chilly for Texas-folk.

Watching the crazy monkeys
Papa Bear, Aiden and a giant croc!

Kman and his cars….
Spring has officially arrived this past week.  I've cleaned up my flower beds, cleared weeds, mowed the lawn and the boys and I are going to pick up some extra flowers to plant this week!

Kaleb in yellow.  A shirt I dug out of MY baby box when I found out I was pregnant.  Love seeing the boys wear it now!

This weekend we had a lovely surprise visit from our Colorado friends Kelly, Kevin and Kayla!!!  Aiden is seriously obsessed with dogs, so having Kayla around for a couple days was very exciting.  It was also fun having new faces to show off our new tricks.  Both boys are eating with forks, but Kman really has stabbing and eating off the fork down pat.  Kman gives knuckles and Aiden gives high-fives!!  It's so fun.  They understand more language everyday.  Current favorite things to talk about, find and point at are….the turtles and any object on the ceiling (lights, fans, vents, smoke detectors….this is VERY handy while changing diapers).  Speaking of diapers…I had my first successful potty adventure with Kaleb!  I try to get one boy on the potty at least once a day, and Thursday night paid off.  I never thought I'd get serious about potty training at 14 months….but it's about to happen.  We also love pointing out mama's nose, eyes, ears and belly, and roaring like lions is by far their favorite thing to "say"!

Apparently Aiden was bored on the swings...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Today I'm VERY excited to celebrate a new milestone!  I was treated to an hour massage, pedicure and yummy Texas BBQ for dinner.  I also came home to the most thoughtful present in the world.  I've cried twice over these….

Looking forward to all my 30's have to offer, thank you everyone for the all the love!!  It's been a truly marvelous start to a new decade.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Funny Valentine

Hope everyone is having a truly happy day, full of love!!!

The ridiculousness just makes me laugh
The boys each got a sweet book, we LOVE story time around here!  Mommy Cuddles and Mommy Hugs were too cute to pass up!  Then we all enjoyed a yummy heart shaped breakfast!

We have a fun outing planned this afternoon and spaghetti and meatballs on the menu for dinner.  Hugs and Kisses to you all and our heartfelt apologizes for late Valentine cards this year!  We're going to attempt to mail them off next week.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spreading the L.O.V.E.

The boys and I have been hard at work this month.  We're doing a little spring cleaning, and getting really excited for Grandpa Eddie to visit!!!

They've helped me sort through my crafting supplies, hang garland around the house and we're currently making some fun Valentine cards.

K&A are big sports dealing with me shoving a camera in their sweet faces.  I have several ideas for valentines photos….but it is increasing difficult to get a good picture of both boys together.  Aiden is always on the go and Kaleb is super serious when the camera appears.  Trying to get smiles and have Aiden sit still is close to impossible.  A photo attempt without props turns into a blurry disaster.

These are a few of my favorites from our most recent Valentine photo adventures.

It's been unusually cold for south Texas, but the boys and I had a little bike ride yesterday.  Kaleb and Aiden did the slides for the very first time on their own!  They are VERY good at the playground and extra studious watching how I climbed up the steps, crossed the bridge, turned around at the slide and went down on my belly.  So trusting these boys and utterly fearless.  Hope you are able to view the video below!

More Valentine photo adventures to come during the next week!  I leave you with a cutie Kaleb eating his cheerios his new favorite way…..out of his shapes.  I love this kid!  And Aiden too!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two little Indians

Happy February!!!  A month all about LOOOOVVVVE!!!!

I was out taking some Valentines Day photos of the boys today, and upon uploading to the computer I came across the day the boys saw their teepee for the first time!!  3 weeks ago the magnificent holiday present arrived from the Colorado Mountains!  I fell in love with this style and am SO lucky to have such a talented mother who MADE IT!!!  We found a heavy duty, last a life-time, canvas fabric and increased the size to better suit the boys.  Thank you cannot possibly express my gratitude!

I was pointing for Kaleb to turn around and look….and he just kept pointing back at me!
Find the kitty...
We play Indians everyday.  Kaleb and Aiden can both make an Indian noise (bopping their hand on their mouth going ahhh-ahhh-ahhh).  We keep a basket of stuffed animal friends inside the teepee at the moment, and Aiden loves to run inside and "surprise" me by running out… he's completely invisible inside.  Hilarious.  I can't help myself, and when he goes in I start saying "oohhh, where's Aiden???  Aiden, Aiden, where are you????"  He laughs and laughs.

We play the drums and read stories inside too!  I can't wait to have a teepee slumber-party someday!

Hope all our friends and family are thawing out at home!  Tomorrow maybe our friend Phil will give hopes of an early spring.