Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chicago Photo Dump

When it comes to visiting Chicago one thing is always certain: LOTS of photos need to be shared!

Big thanks to my sister and family for hosting us last week, we miss you guys we aren't together!

Lucie June and Ted Bear are officially three-years-old and these kids are funnier than ever.  Seriously, I cannot get enough of them!!!!  Our drive to Chicago was a breeze, even though I left about 2 hours late.  The boys napped, read books, played with the toys in their backpacks and colored the entire way (to and from)!  Lots of laughter upon arrival, a day dedicated to city transportation and some light shopping, another visit to see our animal friends at the Lincoln Park Zoo and LOTS of birthday shenanigans.

The kids make the cutest biker gang on the planet, and as simply as my sister put it....cousin love is REAL!  My personal favorite is the constant spontaneous hand holding.
Until next time-which is always too far away, hugs and kisses and more birthday wishes!  

Kaleb and AJ's first train, subway and city bus ride!
Green river for St. Patrick and silly twin cousins
Coolest wall mural for TOMS!
Looking for the big bad wolf
Making each other cookies
Birthday BOY!!!
Dancing to the Russian Ballet
Off to see the Chicago Wolves!!!
Lucie finally say YES, and for the first time I got to do her hair!!!!!
AJ loves to SQUEEEEEZE around the face so show how much he loooooves you

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Leprechaun Dash

Kaleb and Aiden competed in their first kid run this past weekend, called the Leprechaun Dash!  Fabulous family friends started an amazing new company here in NorthEast Ohio, and we were SO thrilled to be able to go out and support them.  Thank you to the Thomas Family for such a well organized race, a great experience and the happy memories!!!

The boys jammed out waiting for the race to start, and we lined up once we found our friends.  I explained the rules to the boys, headed to the sidewalk to take pictures and, although I assure you I explained "wait for Uncle Justin to say ready-set-go" AJ had his own idea.  Justin announced "we've got a cheater" and when I turned to look I did not expect to see a red cape with a bright A half-way to the finish.  Despite my best efforts to get him to STOP, I had to chase him down like a crazy mother and pull him aside, re-releasing the toddler tornado once the rest of the kids caught up.  No-doubt someone put a video up of this wild scene on YouTube.

Looking forward to doing this again in the near future!
These are photos of the days events.  From registration-pre-dance party-kid race-5K-big finish with Didi-and mega after-dance party with a Cow.

Happy hump-day, we're off to CHICAGO for Lucie June and Ted Bear's BIG THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February Flashback

Ciao. Salut! Shalom my friends!  It's been awhile and I'm sorry to have disappeared.  Today is a happy day and since it's a sweet little girl's birthday, I am inspired to update the blog.

We are due for a flashback of last month to catch up to now.  

February, a month full of BIG love did not fall short.  I kept the boys busy with heart-shaped activities, which showcased Kaleb's impressive red wheels collection (obviously his favorite color), cookie decorating, crafting, picture taking and baking.  

Valentine's Day we received unexpected news and headed to Pittsburgh.  My sister and the twin cousins drove in a few days later, and you know how much I love seeing the quads together!  All the cousins had a sleep over, nail painting party, we had a quick visit with little Zoe (GOSH I LOVE HER SO MUCH), and spent an entire weekend visiting with family and celebrating the outstanding life of my 96-year-old Grandma!  

Valentine's activities, and the boys FIRST tiny box of chocolates:Thanks ZOE!
Taken April 2015
Uncle Dennis taught the kids it's okay to have ice-cream for lunch, we enjoyed an epic game of Simon Says and later in time I began another miraculous trip around the sun.

Valentine JAMMIES made by BMA!!  Thanks for hugging the kids to sleep all night long.
And now:  Happy March.  We are loving the Spring weather and hope it's here to stay.  Our windows are open, I'm back to purging the house, the boys FINALLY got a much needed hair cut and we had a visit from a beautiful red fox in the backyard.  

Lots of fun heading our way this weekend with family and friends, and an upcoming trip to CHICAGO is fast approaching!