Saturday, March 30, 2013


I keep telling Keith I want a king size bed.  I don't think it's gonna cut it....
We need a California king!

Yes, I'm aware I'm still actively fueling my bad habit
Contrary to what you see above, the boys are sleeping well in their room.  Last night the boys had their very first 8 hour feeding stretch.  This however doesn't mean I slept for 8 just means I held off the hungry hounds until I was awake enough to function and feed them.  Each feeding typically takes an hr 1/2 to 2 hours, so if only I could get them to actually stay asleep between milk cries I'd be SOO well rested.

The boys are still enjoying tummy time and love when I make silly faces at them!

Their appetites aren't through the roof any longer, so I think we've finally completed our 3 month growth spurt.  We have a family photo shoot in the works while the Texas blue bonnets are in bloom, I ordered some prints to hang in the nursery (which will complete the room), my twins club sale is next week (hooray!!) and the boys are scheduled to see my favorite pediatrician on the 9th for their 4month health checkup and shots.

Blue Diamonds and Bubble Lips
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

Monday, March 25, 2013


Having a baby brings new habits.

The Good:  Washing your hands a zillion (and one) times a day
The Bad:  Sleeping with the baby
The Ugly:  Sleeping on the couch for 2 months

When Keith left at the end of January for a work assignment in Utah I started sleeping downstairs with the boys.  Up until then the boys spent the night in our room with us, sleeping in their pack'n'play.  Reflux has been a challenge, and our doctor says it's important to keep the boys in a sitting position for 30 minutes after each feeding.  In the middle of the night I'm too tired to watch the clock, anxious to catch zzzzz's it became easy putting the boys to bed in their swing and bouncer.  I kept this up for several weeks, ahhhh magic chairs...then came to the realization that as the boys get bigger I'm not going to be able to rely on these sleeping arrangements.  Now the boys are sleeping comfortably in an upright position in their twinz pillow.  

Two nights ago two things happened that forced me to break my ugly habit.  
1.  Scorpion next to the baby swing
2.  Aiden took a scary tumble in the middle of the night

Last night the boys were comfortable in their crib, all night, for the very first time!  I was a nervous wreak and awake most of the night staring at the baby monitor.  I slept in our spare bedroom (right next to the nursery) and it just didn't feel quite close enough.  It was so hard falling asleep without hearing Kaleb's sweet noises.  Keith walked into the nursery at 8am asking how we all did, where he found me cuddling Kaleb and Aiden smiling up a smile-storm in the crib.  HAHA.

My goal was to get the boys into the nursery in the 4th I'm just a bit ahead of schedule. Now to get back into my bedroom.....

Kman enjoying some tummy time

Here are a few more photos of the boys visit with their Grandparents.
Many thanks for a happy visit!!

No idea why I put size newborn clothes on my Aiden.  His belly was hanging out!

Three guys on a couch watching TopGear

Happy Passover Everyone!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cousin Love

Happy birthday Sprinkles and Cupcake!! Now LUCIE and TEDDY!
Welcome to the world <3

My house was filled with happy yells yesterday morning at the exciting news of the birth of my niece and nephew.  Lucie June and Theodore William, I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!  I'm so in love already! 

I made a special breakfast to celebrate, all about the love.

So proud of my big sister!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Penalty Box

Big smiles from both boys!  Kaleb lost his shirt :)

Baby Swing aka Mommy Saver aka Penalty Box!
Kaleb has been a crazy man, for seriously who knows why!  He screams and screams and sometimes there is no soothing him, so he gets 2 minutes in the penalty box......where 90% of the time he immediately clucks out!

The boys are awake a good part of the day now, usually at different times, so I always have one baby to entertain.  Our new favorite thing to do is "roll" around on the floor and make new "friends".  Check out the boys jungle gym!!  Aiden is officially on the go.  He lays on his back and scoots himself all over the place with his legs.

Before long he's half off the mat...and then another 2 minutes he looks like this....

Aiden on the move
When I move him back beside his brother he just smiles and smiles, looking at me like "did you see where I went mom!?!"

Aiden getting to know Grandma

The boys are having a wonderful visit so far with their Grandma and Grandpa Rickel.  We get to play together for another week!  So far Aiden has "talked" a few times, which is more like singing and makes me tear up everytime.  He's also laughed once (SOO cute), and both boys completely wore their Grandma out!

Grandma exhausted Aiden too!

I've been so preoccupied with company I forgot about my photo plans for St. Patty's Day.  I'll try to take a cute photo and get it up for all to see.  Until then enjoy another PENS PIC!!  Seriously, the boys have such an awesome story behind their new friends the SOCK MONKEYS!  They were a free giveaway at CONSOL energy center (home of the Pittsburgh Penguins) last Sunday, and we received them yesterday in a surprise package!  WHOOP WHOOP!!  They will keep these guys forever!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Three Months

Happy three month birthday boys!  What a mess I was last night, crying over labor and waiting to find out I had gummyBOYS, holding them for the first time and sharing sweet kisses.

I couldn't pick a favorite!
The one where they are bumping elbows is too funny...what's up bro!!
Aiden in blue, Kaleb in white!

Milestones:  Kaleb weighs approximately 11lbs 4oz and Aiden weighs approximately 11lbs 8oz

Unfortunately we still aren't sleeping through the night, but the last nightly feeding has become a piece of cake.  The kicker: now the first a.m. feeding has become a complete nightmare.  They wake me up screaming like they haven't eaten...EVER...and it seriously makes me crazy.  I'm talking stomp your feet tantrum in the middle of the room, rip your hair out, scream at the top of your lungs in the car kind of crazy.  Aiden must be vice president and taking notes on how to be "the boss."  UGH.  I need to find a way to fix this, otherwise I'll be bald and hoarse.  Then who will sing the boys camp songs?

On a better note we are finally get out and about.  Not very often, but here and there we'll run out to grab groceries.  Although; we cruise in the stroller around the neighborhood quite frequently.

Earlier this week Aiden made one loud noise, which makes me think he is starting to find his voice!!  I almost cried waiting for it to happen again!  Until that moment truly presents itself look who's talking...
(Check your computer if you don't see the two videos posted below.  Also, please excuse Kaleb screaming about his hiccups in the background of Aiden's video.)

I love the sleepers the boys are wearing in the video's above.  They were the very first clothing items I had in the house...sent from their Aunt Molly, Aunt Annie, Aunt Samantha and Gma Patty!

I've been crazy excited to take a "Penguins" picture!  Most of what the boys have are all too big, but I just couldn't hold out anymore.  We are staying in our outfits and excited to watch the game tonight!

Typical.  Can you tell they LOVE to wear hats!
Aiden on left, Kaboom on right

Kaleb showing everyone he has blue eyse too!

The boys are excited to see Dad in 5 days and meet their Grandma and Grandpa Rickel in two weeks!! I can't wait for more family to be in town! 

Happy March everyone.  St. Patrick's Day photos are in the works, as well as a nursery reveal!  Stay tuned.