Saturday, March 30, 2013


I keep telling Keith I want a king size bed.  I don't think it's gonna cut it....
We need a California king!

Yes, I'm aware I'm still actively fueling my bad habit
Contrary to what you see above, the boys are sleeping well in their room.  Last night the boys had their very first 8 hour feeding stretch.  This however doesn't mean I slept for 8 just means I held off the hungry hounds until I was awake enough to function and feed them.  Each feeding typically takes an hr 1/2 to 2 hours, so if only I could get them to actually stay asleep between milk cries I'd be SOO well rested.

The boys are still enjoying tummy time and love when I make silly faces at them!

Their appetites aren't through the roof any longer, so I think we've finally completed our 3 month growth spurt.  We have a family photo shoot in the works while the Texas blue bonnets are in bloom, I ordered some prints to hang in the nursery (which will complete the room), my twins club sale is next week (hooray!!) and the boys are scheduled to see my favorite pediatrician on the 9th for their 4month health checkup and shots.

Blue Diamonds and Bubble Lips
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

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