Saturday, March 16, 2013

Penalty Box

Big smiles from both boys!  Kaleb lost his shirt :)

Baby Swing aka Mommy Saver aka Penalty Box!
Kaleb has been a crazy man, for seriously who knows why!  He screams and screams and sometimes there is no soothing him, so he gets 2 minutes in the penalty box......where 90% of the time he immediately clucks out!

The boys are awake a good part of the day now, usually at different times, so I always have one baby to entertain.  Our new favorite thing to do is "roll" around on the floor and make new "friends".  Check out the boys jungle gym!!  Aiden is officially on the go.  He lays on his back and scoots himself all over the place with his legs.

Before long he's half off the mat...and then another 2 minutes he looks like this....

Aiden on the move
When I move him back beside his brother he just smiles and smiles, looking at me like "did you see where I went mom!?!"

Aiden getting to know Grandma

The boys are having a wonderful visit so far with their Grandma and Grandpa Rickel.  We get to play together for another week!  So far Aiden has "talked" a few times, which is more like singing and makes me tear up everytime.  He's also laughed once (SOO cute), and both boys completely wore their Grandma out!

Grandma exhausted Aiden too!

I've been so preoccupied with company I forgot about my photo plans for St. Patty's Day.  I'll try to take a cute photo and get it up for all to see.  Until then enjoy another PENS PIC!!  Seriously, the boys have such an awesome story behind their new friends the SOCK MONKEYS!  They were a free giveaway at CONSOL energy center (home of the Pittsburgh Penguins) last Sunday, and we received them yesterday in a surprise package!  WHOOP WHOOP!!  They will keep these guys forever!

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