Monday, March 4, 2013

Three Months

Happy three month birthday boys!  What a mess I was last night, crying over labor and waiting to find out I had gummyBOYS, holding them for the first time and sharing sweet kisses.

I couldn't pick a favorite!
The one where they are bumping elbows is too funny...what's up bro!!
Aiden in blue, Kaleb in white!

Milestones:  Kaleb weighs approximately 11lbs 4oz and Aiden weighs approximately 11lbs 8oz

Unfortunately we still aren't sleeping through the night, but the last nightly feeding has become a piece of cake.  The kicker: now the first a.m. feeding has become a complete nightmare.  They wake me up screaming like they haven't eaten...EVER...and it seriously makes me crazy.  I'm talking stomp your feet tantrum in the middle of the room, rip your hair out, scream at the top of your lungs in the car kind of crazy.  Aiden must be vice president and taking notes on how to be "the boss."  UGH.  I need to find a way to fix this, otherwise I'll be bald and hoarse.  Then who will sing the boys camp songs?

On a better note we are finally get out and about.  Not very often, but here and there we'll run out to grab groceries.  Although; we cruise in the stroller around the neighborhood quite frequently.

Earlier this week Aiden made one loud noise, which makes me think he is starting to find his voice!!  I almost cried waiting for it to happen again!  Until that moment truly presents itself look who's talking...
(Check your computer if you don't see the two videos posted below.  Also, please excuse Kaleb screaming about his hiccups in the background of Aiden's video.)

I love the sleepers the boys are wearing in the video's above.  They were the very first clothing items I had in the house...sent from their Aunt Molly, Aunt Annie, Aunt Samantha and Gma Patty!

I've been crazy excited to take a "Penguins" picture!  Most of what the boys have are all too big, but I just couldn't hold out anymore.  We are staying in our outfits and excited to watch the game tonight!

Typical.  Can you tell they LOVE to wear hats!
Aiden on left, Kaboom on right

Kaleb showing everyone he has blue eyse too!

The boys are excited to see Dad in 5 days and meet their Grandma and Grandpa Rickel in two weeks!! I can't wait for more family to be in town! 

Happy March everyone.  St. Patrick's Day photos are in the works, as well as a nursery reveal!  Stay tuned.


  1. Love the pictures!! but for those of us who don't get to see the boys other than here it would be nice if you identified them. If I were to guess I'd say the one in the blue is Aiden, but he looks like he'd be a talker. Sorry I missed your birthday! Hope things will quite down a little for you when Keith gets home. Told Don to kiss the boys for me when they come down.

  2. Yes the one in blue is Aiden! The boys look so different now I thought everyone could tell the difference! BIG eyes is always Aiden, little squinty eyes is Kaleb. It's the easiest way to tell them apart if you haven't met them in person. I'll add some captions for who is who :)