Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Show and Tell

Yesterday I decided was a fun day to play show and tell with the boys!

Wear a baby!  Carry a baby!
We had an awesome adventure to buy a piece of furniture (to use as my craft center/sewing station), the bank to see some old friends, and hobby lobby for paper to make St. Patty's Day garland!  YAY!

The boys looked extra cute in their polo shirts.  They are such cute kittens with their mittens, but today I felt extra brave and cut their nails.  Now that I'm a pro..maybe I can maintain the talons and retire the mittens.


If Kaboom ever campaigns for presidency I think he should use this photo for his "VOTE FOR KALEB" posters!  Ha.

Remember me talking about the "worried" look Aiden gives...before he smiles?  Thought I'd show you what I was talking about...

It's a shame the weather is already so warm here in Texas.  Their blue and green hats made by Aunt Jessica would have been phenomenal with these shirts!

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