Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Fun

What a special day I had with the twins!  I got the BEST present from Kaleb on my birthday eve.  The last feeding of the night is usually the most difficult for Kaboom, who cries and cries.  Last night the roles were reversed.  He stopped crying and I started!  Why?  Because the little man started officially SMILING back at me!  Aiden, as you all have seen, grins and grins, and now Kaleb does the same!  What a treat!

I took a little video of him talking to his friends today (the owls).  I waited way to long to start the we only got a little talking, and then he gets kinda upset (it was time to eat).  But, enjoy the cuteness in the first 10 seconds.  He does this all the time and likes to talk to B-ma on the phone too!
(If the video doesn't appear below, and you're on your phone..check the blog on a computer)

Speaking of treats I had a delicious tulip...

It was a bit of a surprise cause I was told there was a piece of white cake underneath the butter cream frosting and fresh fruit.  I dug in and found yummy chocolate cake instead!  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

Thank you everyone for the phone calls and messages.  I feel SOO loved!  Even the Penguins wished me a happy birthday!  3 goals in the first period and a 5-3 victory over Tampa Bay.  The boys are going to start chanting "lets go pens" as their first words.  Wouldn't that be cool?!?!

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