Saturday, February 23, 2013


Three things I currently could not live without:

1.  Cradle Swing
2.  Patience
3.  Pacifier

All three are for my little kaboom.  The swing and pacifier almost seem to be the only things that calm him down, and the patience are for Aiden and I.

Our swing is usually occupied by Aiden, but the past few days Kaleb has been taking over.  These things are space hoggers, battery eaters and mommy savers!  Have a baby?  Get a swing!

Kaleb has become Mr. High Maintenance and Aiden is EXTRA patient waiting for me to calm his brother down.  Burping, dancing, singing, leg name it.  It's so sweet (and sad) how Aiden just watches me with his big blue diamonds.  Aiden is also SUPER smiley!  He has a funny "worried" look he gives at first, then you smile-he smiles...and smiles...and smiles!

I changed their diet several days ago, removing all rice cereal and formula (I was supplementing one feeding before bed every night).  Both disagree with the boys and plug them up BAD.  They are back to eating every 2-4 hours, which is extra exhausting, but I think it's worth all the other benefits.  Then when it's finally time to take a nap, which I can't resist doing with one of the boys...Kaleb turns into a giant pillow hog!

Peace, Love and Happy Napping

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