Monday, February 18, 2013

Wiggle Worm

The boys just had a very special and amazing visit with their Aunt Rachael!!

Since I've been insisting the boys sleep through the night I've been trying a hand full of different tricks.  Sometimes they seem to work and I get a solid 5 hours straight, then the next night I'm awake with screaming gummyboys every 2 hours.  What gives?  Between B-ma's visit and Aunt Rachael's Kaleb has become a "crazy" guy.  Rachael calls him wiggle worm!  We are having a lot of gas issues, and Kaboom isn't doing the right kind of kaboom...if you know what I mean.  The remedy?  APPLE JUICE!!  Kaleb LOVES LOVES it, and today Aiden had an ounce as well.  Their faces light up when they taste the deliciousness and the bottle is g.o.n.e in seconds!  Fingers crossed the juice will ultimately help these guys stay regular, which will help me keep my sanity. 

OHH the lips!

Wiggle Wiggle
2 weeks 5 days until the boys see Daddy again.  How much will they grow???  I swear everyday they are about to leap to the next clothing size.  All newborn items are boxed and ready to send to the twin cousins!  Now to find time to get to the post office :)

Happy President's Day!

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