Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two little Indians

Happy February!!!  A month all about LOOOOVVVVE!!!!

I was out taking some Valentines Day photos of the boys today, and upon uploading to the computer I came across the day the boys saw their teepee for the first time!!  3 weeks ago the magnificent holiday present arrived from the Colorado Mountains!  I fell in love with this style and am SO lucky to have such a talented mother who MADE IT!!!  We found a heavy duty, last a life-time, canvas fabric and increased the size to better suit the boys.  Thank you cannot possibly express my gratitude!

I was pointing for Kaleb to turn around and look….and he just kept pointing back at me!
Find the kitty...
We play Indians everyday.  Kaleb and Aiden can both make an Indian noise (bopping their hand on their mouth going ahhh-ahhh-ahhh).  We keep a basket of stuffed animal friends inside the teepee at the moment, and Aiden loves to run inside and "surprise" me by running out… he's completely invisible inside.  Hilarious.  I can't help myself, and when he goes in I start saying "oohhh, where's Aiden???  Aiden, Aiden, where are you????"  He laughs and laughs.

We play the drums and read stories inside too!  I can't wait to have a teepee slumber-party someday!

Hope all our friends and family are thawing out at home!  Tomorrow maybe our friend Phil will give hopes of an early spring.

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