Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lucky #13

These days I am busy entertaining and teaching.  Kaleb and Aiden's personalities are rapidly developing and they soak up everything like a sponge.  Considering I'm raising the boys exactly the same way, at the same time, I find myself in complete awe at how different they are.  I'm shocked at the polar opposite spectrum's they sit.

Aiden is a champion eater, and with 8 teeth gets the job done…quickly!  Kaleb has 6 teeth and takes his time with everything…..he'd sit at the table eating for 2 hours if I let him.

Neighborhood wagon walk.  Shorts and T-shirts in the winter….
Aiden is my daredevil.  When the door opens he screams with excitement and RUNS for the outdoors.  He is extremely demanding and wants what he wants, when he wants it.  Aiden talks in mostly ooo's and smacks his lips together anytime I do it.  He kisses everyone like he kisses the cat: big smile and head knocking.  Aiden is the most ticklish boy on the planet and has the best, most contagious laugh you could ever imagine.  He is also proving to be left-handed and loves playing "Where's Aiden" aka Peek-a-boo.

Kaleb is a calm, patient little boy.  He'd follow his brother to the ends of the earth.  When he finds his favorite toys (stuffed animals, cars, remote control) he walks around proudly showing off.  He points at the things he wants and loves clicking his tongue.  Kaleb talks with tttaa's, kkkkaaa, and laadaadee's and gives the best hugs in the entire world.  He is also officially clapping (thanks to the encouragement of his clapping cousins Lucie and Teddy), and is doing REALLY well with the shape sorter.

Both are incredibly strong and pick up the heaviest objects they can get their hands on.  They LOOVE music, dance to any jingle and take turns flipping the pages of whatever book Kaleb brings me to read.  They simply must have a spoon at every meal and take turns feeding me as I feed them.  Sharing is a new fun game.  Unfortunately it rarely extends beyond sharing an object with Keith or I……sharing with each other is an unspeakable act and goes against the rules.

Our favorite lift-the-flap book "Dear Zoo".  Staying cozy in our wonderful sweaters from Aunt Nan!
So far the new year has been a joy.  Our focus has been: get more sleep so we can all have more patience and more energy to play!!!  More all-day-jammie days and I plan to carve out some ME time.  Last year I put every ounce of myself into the boys, so this year weight gain, a hair-cut, pedicure and massage are on my list.

Watching the rain (Texas snow) in our Monster Jammie's!!!!
Hope everyone is having a glorious January as well!!

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