Monday, May 4, 2015

Fox in Feathers Studio

Hello friends and family!
Kaleb and Aiden, and the twin cousins Lucie and Teddy, have been having tons of fun helping their BMA launch a new studio!  

I've witnessed the most incredible creations growing up!  My mother's creativity is ever-growing, glorious, inspiring and evolving.  I'm so happy my boys have such an amazing woman in their lives!

For anyone with kids, know of an expecting parent, looking for a fun gift for any occasion check out Fox in Feathers Studio!

Unique, original and Imaginative!!  These are just a few fun photos we've taken in preparation of the business launch!  Happy faces, happy products and happy memories ahead!

FLIP YOUR LID!  Reversible hats: custom made with lots of pattern choices!
LONG DRAGONS!  We've had ours since my baby shower!  They were awesome boppy pillows as infants, and cuddle dragons now as toddlers.  They have evolved over the past couple years.  Check the shop for the NEW style!  As soon as we move to big boy beds, these long dragons will help stop a tumbling toddler!
CROWNS and SUPER CAPES!!  Capes can be personalized too.  Upgrade the dress-up bin or throw a SUPER party! 
WOODEN TOYS!  Musical xylophone and dice.  Learn and play!

If you make a purchase, be sure to share a photo on Pinterest or Instagram (@FoxInFeathersStudio) so the studio can see the happiness spread!!!!

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