Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring time


Keith took the boys fishing last week.  We didn't find any fish in our pond, just tons of frogs, one snake and a couple salamanders

All day, everyday.  It's awesome!  We bike, run around in circles, picnic, playground hop, mow the yard and everything else gets dropped.
This is all wonderful, until I realize we need groceries, I forgot to switch the laundry, dinner ends up being another frittata (EGG PIZZA!!!) and Kaleb inevitability lost his yellow race car and forgot to tell me until he's tucked in for sleep.  Then I'm loosing my mind searching wagons, pockets, the rock garden and gutters.  He always places it in a safe spot, it just takes me awhile to discover where.  He gets so attached to his wheels!

A Super fearless adventurous Aiden

I'm still planning out a garden and some new landscaping.  I think our last potential frost will be this weekend, so next week we'll get serious about accomplishing some outdoor beauty.  The boys are going to be crazy excited to help!

I had a really great Mother's Day and feel so thankful for these little boys who complete me in every possible way.  My journey to motherhood is something I often reflect on.  I wish this love for every person who dreams for it.  I'll never take these two for granted.

The boys picked such a pretty hanging basket for me!

Today we had a very successful dental visit.  Ultimately the boys had the best experience, but Kaleb didn't trust that dentist for a second!  With new toothbrushes and tiny race cars as a reward they'll be asking to go back soon.

Hope you're having a happy week!

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