Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

The boys and I caught wind of a fun opportunity to head to Pittsburgh for Memorial Day weekend.  We joined up with one of our favorite kid stores, the land of nod, on a couple occasions for story hour, dress-up, activities and to support a non-profit organization called milk and bookies! 

The boys had a blast in Shadyside, and found a really cute new choo-choo's at a local kid store.  Our second trip was to a favorite orchard in Wexford, where we picked out our pumpkins last fall.  The boys got to eat a whole sprinkle-covered donut each at Soergels, fed a goat, pet a baby pig, drove a giant yellow monster truck (don't worry, it was wooden) and climbed all over a firetruck!  It was a blast!!

The fun kept coming with a special after dinner walk to get frozen yogurt and an amazing Memorial Day Parade.  Kaleb seriously went crazy with every marching band, swinging his arm like a conductor.  Aiden loved the candy the most, and Kaleb talked about firetrucks the entire rest of the day!  We had a lovely dinner on the grill with Keith and made an extra trip to Home Depot to pick up a ton of flowers and plants for our garden, which we're going to begin prepping this week!

More on planting soon.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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