Thursday, June 4, 2015

Getting to know Kaleb & Aiden 2 1/2

The boys are officially 2 1/2 years old.  I shiver at the plural....yearS.
Here are my thoughts on my toddler tornado's, one twin at a time.

Getting to know: Kaleb Jesse
This little guy is still as sweet as sugar, a tiny bit of spice and almost loves cars more than his mama.  It is still impossible to disappear from his sight without him becoming slightly frantic asking for me for first, then the search begins.  It's not a good situation if I'm actually away.  As long as I'm within sight, or arm length, his favorite thing to do is play with his little cars and trains.  He loves Aiden so much and constantly wants to give him hugs.  Although he'll try anything it does take some convincing, he loves to observe, whether it's holding a worm, trying a new food or meeting a stranger.  Once he conquers the first attempt it's all fun and games!

Stats: Rough estimates:  Weight 27pounds 2ounces.  Height 35.7 Inches tall

Clothing:  The little boy almost always picks out his own outfit.  Once he's satisfied with himself, he picks out Aiden's clothes next.  While I'm thinking about it he is very particular about a lot of things....which yellow car he wants to hold while he takes a nap, and which song I sing to him before bedtime.  He wears almost all 2T now.  Depending on brand he may need smaller pants.  Undies + tiny bum = pants fall down.

Favorite foods:  Kaleb is much like his cousin Teddy.  He has yet to meet a fruit he doesn't like.  At the moment watermelon is a constant demand with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Loves anything with noodles, corn-on-the-cob, cheese, avocado, rice, meat and smoothies!

Speech:  A while back Kman developed a little stutter, which disappeared as quickly as it appeared.  Depending on his excitement it is still apparent, and pretty cute.  He learns to say new things everyday and can put a 5 word sentence together.  Today he said "police car lives police station."  Kalebish is pretty difficult for some to understand,  Aunt Jules, OB and I seem to understand every word though.

Favorite Activities:  Going for a walk, driving cars and choo-chooing, digging for worms, making banana bread, taking showers, unloading the dishwasher, visiting a new playground and reading stories.

Least Favorite Activities:  Being away from mama, having to come inside for any reason (lunch, potty) and holding hands if he wants to be free.

Getting to know: Aiden Jake
Aiden is an incredible and silly little man.  Keith and I joke around about what would happen if he and I left the boys at home, alone for the day.  Kaleb would sit in the middle of the floor and cry incessantly.  Aiden would vacuum the house, get Kaleb a snack, probably turn on Clifford the big red dog and wash the dishes.  This kid is go-with-the-flow, no fear, animal lover, belly laughing guy on high.  Until you take his ride-on red-car.  A gift from his 2nd birthday, which Kaleb used to have full possession over, but now he wakes up and runs from the room saying "red car, red car."

Stats: Rough estimates:  Weighs 30pounds 4ounces.  Height 36.5 Inches tall

Clothing:  I've actually moved AJ up to most 3T tops and bottoms remain 2T.  He wears a size up in shoes and loves his super cape with any outfit.  It's the only thing he requests to wear, which is great since his brother likes to pick out his shirt 99% of the time.

Favorite Foods:  Pancakes, raspberries, noodles, salad, BBQ, corn-on-the-cob, ketchup, peppers, hummus with pretzels and steak.

Speech:  Aiden has come a long way in this department.  I'm not sure when things took off.  I think slightly after his 2nd birthday.  He often allows his brother to speak for him, but I'm very consistent about asking him the same question, even after Kaleb answers, and encourage him to say the answer.  He will, but he usually acts a little silly or shy about it.  He even sings songs with me every night, which I adore so much.  He knows; you are my sunshine, I will, Love me Tender, Linger, Twinkle Twinkle and a couple more lullabies.

Favorite Activities:  Climbing into the bed with me, driving his red-car, mowing the grass, going for a actual car-ride, building puzzles, water play (shower, bath, washing dishes), putting seasoning into whatever I'm cooking, brushing his teeth, taking care of his brother (if someone gets an ouchie the other runs to the freezer to grab an icepack, it's so cute), running errands (if you ask him to go get something for you) and hanging out with his Dad.

Least Favorite Activities:  Sharing the red-car or lawn mower and sitting in time-out.

And now;  enjoy a few more photos from our super fun photo session yesterday evening!

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