Sunday, June 7, 2015

Greenbrier Garden

This is finally the year, and the home, I learn to create and grow in the garden!!!
I've been picking my mom's brain over and over, and she is a fabulous coach.  Thank you for all your help and encouragement so far.

Today was my "deadline" to finish our garden, and there were days I didn't think I'd make it!  We ran into some BIG roots and I felt like a paleontologist digging and sculpting the tree's old bones.  My body has felt a little broken this week, but a combination of my determination and Keith's strength we cleared the way for happy fruits and veggies.  I hope!

You'd think my favorite moment was the finished product, but instead it was the day Kaleb ate a worm.  For those who haven't heard the story:  I was feeling defeated against the roots and called mom to chat, Kaleb remained in the dirt digging and playing with his little worm friends.  (Side note: the child LOVES worms.  The bigger and more wiggly the better, he takes them for bike rides and stretches them until their little worm bodies can't take it anymore.  I love hearing him say "big fat worm")  This was our conversation:

K: Worm all gone!
Me:  Oh, where did it go?
K: KK eat!  (points into his mouth)
Me:  Laugh insanely loud
Cue Kaleb throwing his face into my lap sobbing.
Me: Did you use your teeth?
K:  Yea
Me:  Was it yummy?
K:  No, yucky.
More sobbing

Then Aiden runs over to the garden, grabs a hand full of dirt, says "AJ eat worms too", I yell NOOO.  He then throws the dirt back into the garden and tosses his body onto the ground in full blown tantrum.  

Boys will be boys!  I took K&A out for a donut date the following morning, and they both picked a yummy donut with crushed Oreo topping, garnished with a gummy worm.  It was the perfect reminder of how we don't eat REAL worms!  Haha.

After everything was planted we ate two delicious strawberries that turned the most beautiful bright red yesterday as a reward!  Then AJ and Kman took turns giving the soil it's first good drink of H2O.

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