Saturday, June 20, 2015

Aunt Jess visits

I've been so behind on blogging lately.

Recently we had an awesome visit with my sister, in from the Rocky Mountains for an entire week!!  We love watching her fiddle here, there and everywhere.  And she found a yummy new juice bar in town, which we shared with the boys.

My dad had a really fun combined welcome home/birthday party celebration with a bunch of family. Man the boys love getting to play with their big cousins, and are always bummed the following day when everyone is gone.  Happy birthday again to Chloe! Ten years old!

My brother and cousins have been playing in a baseball league, and K&A and I finally made it to see a game! They all did so great and showed the boys how to play!

When staying at my Dads, I usually spoil the boys and allow them to sleep in bed with me, during nap time the boys decided they wanted to stay together!  I just HAD to sneak in for the cutest photo of all time.  I love how they mirror each other, and both are holding their little matchbox cars in their right hand.  Sigh* I love them too much.  Also, I just had to share another cute photo of the little men, standing outside the firehouse.  They LOVE to visit the station, hoping for a peak at the engines.

We are having a really rainy week, which is good for our garden.  Looking forward to seeing sprouts.  Hopefully soon.
Happy Father's Day to all you great Dad's out there!!  Especially mine!

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