Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our Father's Day

Keith had such a fun Father's Day this past weekend.  We had family staying with us for the weekend so there was plenty of entertainment.

6 days out of the week Kaleb and Aiden ask for breakfast pancakes, so no surprise Sunday breakfast was another pancake fest.  At least we personalized it for Keith's special day!  

As the boys were getting ready for bed they were being so sweet to each other....We have two step stools in their bathroom, and they consistently fight over one in particular, but not on Sunday.  AJ took ownership and instead of Kman pitching a fit, they took turns resting their heads on each other's shoulders and saying "Love you KK", "Love you AJ".  My heart wanted to explode.  This was the first time I've heard them spontaneously tell each other they love one another.  How special!!  I called Keith upstairs to witness the moment too.

Once the boys were in bed, and my heart was a regular thump-thump I made everyone rootBEER floats and we played the funniest round of Cards Against Humanity.  What a hilarious night!

Looking forward to celebrating Father's Day with my Papa in Pittsburgh soon.  We are taking him to see the Pirates play.  We'll also be skipping nap time, so I'm keeping an open mind about K&A's first professional ball game.  If they make it to the end of the game they get to show off and run the bases!!  How cool is that!!!  Fingers crossed friends.

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