Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Is sledding a word or a term my sisters and I made up?  We have quite a few of those.  Songs, phrases and Moidel'isms.

Lobster hands!  The boys love wearing mama's mittens more

Keith and I took the boys sledding for the first time this past weekend. 
Northeast Ohio is still getting lots of snow, and I LOVE IT.  The beauty of the outside reflects on the inside.  Those sunshine mornings brighten the house SO much more.  It's the best.

I need to do an update on the boys individuality again.  We knew going into the adventure Aiden would be SOOO crazy excited, and we just weren't sure how Kaleb would react.  They were both totally excited headed to the park saying "weeeeeee, weeeeeeee" in preparation.  They say the same thing for swings, and they both love those.

Kaleb and I walked slowly behind as Keith spun AJ around on the sled, then took off down the massive hill.  Our turn came and Kaleb shook his head saying "no-no-no-no."  I recited a favorite story Cleo in the Snow, which made him remember how fun it was for Cleo the cat, and Casper the dog to ride down the hill (input weeeeeee, weeeeee).  He took my hand, snuggled close and we took off.  He loved it.  The next trip was slightly more difficult to convince him because we used a different sled.  The third time he went with Keith.  It was a bad last run.  He cried the second he sat on the sled, when the ride was over, the entire way up the hill and gave me a ginormous hug once Aiden and I got back to the top.  Oh boy.  Aiden on the other hand.....gets to the top of the hill, grabs a sled, lays down and says "yea, yea, yea"  meaning yes, I want to do that again. 

Begging Kman for a smile.........he was standing at the top of the hill
Aiden was so excited I don't think he was breathing.
Wild child and cautious child.  It makes for fun adventures.

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