Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Forward

The boys first visit to a Museum

Daylight savings time….shutter...Fall back was very hard on us and things went bazerk for a solid week, then we all started sleeping and breathing again.  I was determined to conquer Spring forward and so far so good :)

Thanks to the help of my sister, wise advice from Dr. Weissbluth (author of healthy sleep habits, happy child) and great feedback from my multiples group, I was prepared to change everything….

We're still adjusting but things are going extremely well.  We've transitioned to ONE afternoon nap a day leaving TONS OF PLAYTIME!  Holy cow we are wild over here.  It's pretty awesome having more time to build castles, read books and focus on puzzles.  We also have plenty of extra time to run errands and visit the playground in the mornings or afternoon, or both.

Most epic play date ever with my multiples group.  3 sets of triplets and 11 sets of twins!  Kaleb in front with yellow shirt and Aiden off to the left with grey hoodie.

We have some fun upcoming morning dates to visit a farmers market and library story/activity time.  St. Patty's day cupcakes are on the menu too.  Until then Kaleb asks me to wash the windows every day and Aiden is climbing UP on EVERYTHING!!

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