Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wellness Checkup

I can't imagine life with multiples without a schedule...ahhh the dreaded word!  Life has become so repetitive, especially when 8pm comes around.  Afternoons seem to be the only option for variety....go for a walk?  grocery shopping?  pick flowers?  take pictures?

Now that the 4th trimester is long and gone I feel like I've gotten the hang of things.  My favorite time of day, for myself, is during the boy's morning nap.  I'm able to accomplish whatever house chores I have on my plate.

Kman loves to nap on his belly!

I have two things to share.  The first...something that goes against the "dreaded" schedule...Doctor Appointments.  The past two days were a nightmare.  The boys had their 4 month health and wellness check-up, and shots, on Monday.  We spent HOURS in the office!  The boys were extra irritated all evening and ran fevers until late last night.  Dealing with two infants not feeling well was AWFUL.  I had to walk away for a cry it out session in my dining room while K & A screamed from the living room. Shots are terrible.

Poor Kaleb, really not feeling well

The second thing is wonderful, and goes beautifully with a schedule. Cloth diapering!!

My laundry room has been prepped and ready for months.  Should have started long ago!

Many thanks for the inspiration and coaching from big sister Julia!! Teddy & Lucie are already rocking these awesome diapers.  It's fun, so easy and c.u.t.e!!  Best thing.....we're about to save a zillion, yes a zillion, buckaroos!  More spending money for frozen yogurt!!  Mama Rickel, you know how good it is!!!!!!

Love, Peace & Happy Butts!!

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