Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Everyday is full of silly little giggles, coos, bubbles and wiggles!
This age is SO fun!  The boys do tummy time face to face and laugh at the sight of each other.  Before bath time I put the boys up to their reflection in the mirror....and it's HILARIOUS!  They squirm with delight and try to wiggle out of my hands.  Oh.What.Joy!

I'm learning that babies thrive off routine, and our morning and afternoon naps are doing great.

This past weekend we started the boys on rice cereal at breakfast time.  It's a crazy thing trying to teach a baby to eat off a spoon.  The first day Kaleb rocked it.  It was like "hey, it's a spoon, give it to me I know exactly what to do!"  Aiden cried the entire feeding.  Now Aiden rocks it and Kaleb cries.  Oh well, it's just once a day and we are all learning.

While the boys and I were in the hospital in December our winter frost swept through and killed most of my plants/flowers.  Ugh, I hated not being home to prevent that!  Anyways, Aiden and I spent yesterday morning planting some new pretties and pulling weeds.  Hopefully the remaining spring showers will help these babies grow big and strong like the purple bunch (my only surviving patch).

The boys LOVE story time every morning.

They also LOVE when I sing "head shoulders knees and toes".  I'm working on baby sign language...focusing on milk, up, hungry, cat :)
Aiden gives "the worried look" when Keith and I whistle and Kaleb is sport'n a sweet fauxhawk now!

Hope everyone is happy and well.
Love to you all. 

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