Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pick'n Wildflowers

Happy May!!  Wildflowers are in full bloom and the house is alive with vase filled flowers.

Tonight we had some friends over for BBQ, wildflower pick'n and PLAYOFF hockey!!

Hailee and Lilly helping me pick the "best" ones
Even Elliot James and Geno got in on the wildflower action!

The boys were SO excited for Round One Pens vs Islanders!  Can't you tell!

Aiden hand tastes good!  Do you see my sweet spikes?!  I have a Mohawk too!

Kaleb has learned that spitting is fun.  I hate it!  But the bubbles that come along with spitting are pretty cute.

Bubble Lips!

Aiden has learned to sleep anywhere...and I learned he is VERY ticklish!  It's pretty fun to hear him laugh really hard.

Can't believe the boys are almost 5 months.  I'm shocked I can still squeeze them into 3 month clothing.  We are all looking forward to visiting friends and family for Mothers Day!  Flying with babies will hopefully be a GOOD adventure.

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