Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 Months

Phew, time is seriously flying by.

New milestones:
Kaleb and Aiden weigh approximately 15 pounds 4 ounces.
Best/Favorite milestone to date: Kaleb SLLLLEEEEPPPPS!!!  Aiden is still up quite often throughout the night, so I wake Kman for a bottle btw 5-630.  I hate to wake him, but I'm up anyways feeding AJ and pumping for the next session.  Afterall, when he has that feeding, he falls right back to sleep and doesn't get up again until 10-11AM.  Whoop!

The boys and I took a little trip to Target, and President Kaboom picked a new friend.  He loves the rattle and eating the trunk.

Aiden is just now starting to grab things and hold onto the keys.  Not too long and he'll want to steal the elephant!  Until then Kaboom's other favorite item is the pacifier.  He constantly takes it out of his mouth, puts it back in, flips it backwards, eats it sideways and passes it from one hand to the other.  Keith and I watch him in amazement.  

As the boys grow they love to see new things, so I give them turns in the activity center.  It keeps their attention for just enough time that I can finish making a salad or a batch of cookie dough.

Hope everyone had a happy Cinco de Mayo!  I have enough guacamole leftover to last all week.  Also, happy QUEENS birthday tomorrow to my beautiful niece Sophie Kate!!!

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