Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happiest Holidays

Wishing you all a holiday season of laughter and love.
Happiest Holidays
Love: The Rickels
We had some pictures taken a couple weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier.  I almost canceled the session, about 18gazillion times, but decided it would be worth it to have a nice family picture.

I'm creating a fun photo wall upstairs in the boys play room, with a collection of the boys one year photos, a few from the shoot above and K&A's canvas paintings.

Growing up a few traditions have stuck with me year-after-year.  Baking an obscene amount of cookies, and having homemade pasta dinner on Christmas eve.  My mom, sisters and I would spend the entire day singing, dancing and creating in the kitchen.  Dinner was always delicious and I have fond memories of my mom coming downstairs always dressed in something beautiful!!  Surprisingly newborn twins didn't stop Keith and I last year, and we managed to make pasta.  I even set aside my nursing bra for dinner and brought out my high-heals.  This year we have a serious case of toddler tornado, and I threw in the towel, TWICE, claiming dinner was canceled.  Keith got Aiden and I under control, then Kaleb helped finish in the kitchen!

A couple weeks ago Keith heard about a military free-tree giveaway and walked through the door with a pine tree.  It remained undecorated for over a week, until Keith took it upon himself to play Elf.  He hung stockings and everything, and I have to say, he did a wonderful job.

I felt bad for not contributing so I made a faux fireplace for kicks.

The boys enjoyed opening a bunch of toys from family and friends (thank you everyone!!!).  Included were two little floppy snowmen from their GG and PopPop.  I wish I had a photo of Kaleb's initial expression when he saw his new friend in the box.

Kman in blue, AJ in grey
He carries Frosty around with a giant smile on his face, kisses, hugs and sits talking to him in a soft high-pitched voice.  It's A-dorable!!!!  We then all had waffles, bacon and cantaloupe for breakfast!

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