Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1st Birthday Bash

We successfully threw the boys a birthday party!  Kaleb woke up on his birthday with a fever and awful cold, passed it to Aiden and I the following day and with stuffy noses and little coughs we had the party without our other kid/baby friends.  Bummer for the boys not to play with their pals, but it was best not to share germs.  Having sick kiddos isn't fun.  

The presents, blueberry covered cupcakes and company were all terrific distractions for the boys, and I think helped them feel so much better!

A huge thank you to all our friends and family for sharing such a special occasion with us, we truly appreciate everything you all have done, and continue to do!!  

My mom was such a big help preparing the party.  Grocery shopping was a breeze!  The boys drove and pointed to all the special things they wanted to serve.

I had so much fun putting together a time-line from the past year, eating sweets and drinking sangria.

The boys are obsessed with their new puzzles, drums and toy cars!

If Kaleb had it his way he'd sleep with his cars!  He loves them so much.  With all the new toys my mom and brother helped me rearrange the upstairs playroom to better suit the boys needs.  We also cleared a space for the boys holiday present……I can't wait to share when it arrives!!!!

Until then the deputy and sheriff are on the watch.

Again, many thanks to you all!  Love, the gummybear twins!

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