Saturday, December 7, 2013

One Year Milestones

The boys had a fun-filled birthday full of hugs and kisses, singing and extraordinary presents.
1st birthday present from Uncle Ben (OB) and Grandpa Eddie.  Huge box…which has become our clubhouse
K&A's new puppymoblie.  This is GRAND fun.  K walked across the kitchen right after this picture!

I think Kaleb and Aiden favor their hand-made rocking horses from their Bma.  What a special gift.

Kaleb and Aiden had a fun opportunity to have their one-year cake attack and neither one went past the whipped cream and sprinkles!  HA.

Yesterday we saw our pediatrician and here are our 12 month milestones:

Height and weight:  Kaleb is 18 pounds 14 ounces and 27.5 inches!!

Aiden is 20 pounds and 28 inches!!!  What little peanuts!

Sleep:  Two naps a day, 730 bedtime and awake usually around 7am.

Food:  New foods this past month includes eggs, tomatoes, pasta, onions, corn, black beans.  I feel like we are good with anything from here on out besides peanut butter and strawberries (which aren't recommended until age 3 now.  Jeesh.)

Discoveries and Accomplishments:  Both boys have learned to come DOWN the steps now!  Kaleb is pretty fast moving and Aiden likes to climb up a little better.  They have accomplished walking too.  Aiden is on the verge of running, and Kaleb just learned, so is still a wobble guy.  They have discovered rocking on their horses is the most fun ever, and Kaleb makes a horsey Gallup sound.

Baby Babbles: No new words recently, just the gallup noise.

Today K&A have their big birthday party, so the celebrating continues!  This past week we all enjoyed the last few nights of Hanukkah

and even had a blast playing at our first visit to the zoo.  The monkey's, TWIN TIGER CUBS, hippos and jaguar were our favorites.

Most phenomenal photo ever.  Courtesy of BMA!

I'll be sure to post birthday party photos soon!

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