Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween!!

We all had a great day, watched our fair share of Halloween flicks, read our favorite Halloween-y stories,

Room on the Broom!  Looks like Kman is reading to his brother.  Cute!
got crafty with pumpkins

Shooting star....
had a festive Jammie day

and got dressed up to pass out candy!
I'm pleased to introduce Kaleb, who asks you all, what does the fox say?

And Mr. Dino-Aiden!

His costume was a bit ridiculous with a giant ungungdada head.  Since it was horrendous I chopped it off and added a few additional spikes instead.  I did a terrible job...but it's more suitable for him since his recent nickname has become bulldozer.  He sees something he wants, gets REALLY excited, crawls at warp speed and right before he gets to his destination tucks his head down and rams into whatever it may be....primarily consisting of myself or his brother.  The kid needed these spikes :)

We are looking forward to a fun weekend.  Saturday we get to meet a new mother of multiples.  Her twins just turned a year old and I can't wait to see the babies go bonkers together!

Sunday Kaleb and Aiden's Grandpa Eddie is coming to PLAY!!!  Can't wait to see my Dad!

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