Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life Lately

Not too much happening these days, so just stopping by to say hello!

My days are full of love and giggles.  Everyday I'm amazed at the boys development and catch myself feeling slightly lonely after they go to bed each night.  I just can't resist the expression on Kaleb and Aiden's face when they see me in the morning.

Kman in Green, AJ in blue waking up from their morning nap

We spend many afternoons in the park,

or on the back porch.

Pretty blue shirts the boys just received from their Grandma/Grandpa Rickel
The boys LOVE when they see one of the big air force planes!  K&A help me cook in the kitchen every evening, which is a nice "adult" break for me, since I spend most of the day crawling from room to room.  We "race" up the stairs a few times a day too, clapping and cheering as each one makes it to the top.

Some updates:
Kaleb is a 3 tooth man now!
Aiden FINALLY says DaDa and fake laughs (Ha   Ha   Ha)!
Aiden walks to us if we hold out our hands a short distance away.
I'm FINALLY in the process of weaning myself from breastfeeding.  Such a love/hate relationship there.  I went into breastfeeding with a goal of making it I am, nearing 11months, an exclusive pumper and cannot wait to send this thing away, for-ever!
The boys are eating more like big kids.  (Less puree, more self-feeding and chewing.)

Green Beans and Chicken
I had some crazy awesome Halloween costume ideas, but have sadly lost my creative drive.  I guess I've come to the realization the boys are too young to enjoy trick or treating, we'll be going through our night-time routine when it's time to be out-in-about, and besides photos, won't remember this amazing holiday.  SO, I decided to skip dressing up....then I found really stupid costumes on clearance for 10bucks.  First time EVER buying a costume.  Anyways, since there is zero rhyme or reason to what I purchased I'm trying to focus on putting together a one-year birthday party for K&A.  This actually makes me cry.  I can't believe everything I've been through in this past almost-year.  Life has changed so drastically and I wouldn't trade a single tear, sleepless night, spilled drop of breast milk or poop disaster for anything!!!!


  1. Looks like Kaleb is going to be a southpaw. You have motherhood down pat, the boys are lucky to have such an innovative mom. Just enjoy every minute because time goes faster the older they get.

  2. A southpaw is a left handed person. In all the pictures it is his dominant hand.

    1. I'm fairly certain Kaleb is actually right handed. However; Aiden seems dominant with his left.