Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Modern Art

Happy October and Happy Birthday to Keith!!

The boys and I had such a fun day.  We took a walk this morning, which was entirely crazy since it's still 92 degrees out!  Since our outdoor adventures are limited we decided to get CREATIVE indoors and the boys painted Keith some birthday presents!

They had a blast!  I knew the boys would want to taste the paint, so did some research and made everything edible and non-toxic.  (Very easy.  Mix flour and water until you reach the consistency you want and add food coloring.  The more you add the more bold the color.  I wanted to preserve their paintings and covering it with a thick layer of Mod Podge seemed to do the trick, otherwise the flour will eventually crack and flake off.)

The boys were more interested in the jars, or my camera at times, but it was so cute to see how they reacted to the squish of the paint between their fingers, and to see their expressions as they figured out THEY were the creators of the mess on the canvas.

My little artists were born today!  I hope they enjoyed painting as much as the bath afterwards.  What a treat, two baths in one day!  Extra exhausting for mama, but all in good fun.  Everyone, and everything-including the diapers-washed up super easy.

The boys see their pediatrician on Friday, so look for some 10 month stats this weekend!  I hope to go apple picking and pumpkin hunting this weekend as well!  

Hope you are all enjoying FALL!!

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  1. OH MY GOSH these are the cutest pictures ever. Especially that last photo, with the toes and the diaper. What a great idea! You have to tell me what you used to mix up the paint.