Monday, September 23, 2013

Colorado Recap

Our time in Colorado has officially come to an end, and the boys and I are busy readjusting and unpacking in our Texas home.  It was beyond wonderful spending so much time with family and I really, really miss seeing the boys expressions when my mom jumped around the corner every morning, or how Aiden would light-up as soon as Michael walked through the door.

A zillion, trillion thank yous go out to Mama, Michael, Jessica and Nate for the hospitality, help, love and for spoiling the boys!  What a special time we all had together!

Wearing Nates rock'n Zealous hat
Smiles all around....thanks Jess for jumping around!!!
The last few days in the mountains Keith joined the party.  The boys enjoyed showing off their new tricks, taking their dad to feed the ducks,

and we all enjoyed a nature walk down the lane.  The fall colors are simply breathtaking!

Kaleb and Aiden were absolute dreams on the trip home.  I'm so impressed at how well behaved they are in the car.  When they got cranky I climbed into the back to sing songs, eat puffs and make funny faces.  Our second citrus lane box was awaiting our arrival in Texas.  A super cute stroller toy was included...this would have been handy during our travels.

Happy Kman stretching his stretches out!
Our first duty upon arrival was lowering the cribs and the next few days I'm baby proofing.  Aiden is a champion stair climber!  AHH.  

Happy Fall!!  Looking forward to some festive decorating asap.  Finding a huge pumpkin patch to take the boys for photos is a top priority, and my multiples group Fall sale is on Friday.  Whoop, whoop!

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