Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Family Birthday Bash

Completely forgot to share some details from the boys birthday party.  It's been such a busy month so far.  Our kitchen has finally come to a "finish".  We really couldn't be happier with the outcome and it made hosting family so much easier this year!  I still need to paint the molding around the cabinets, and work some reorganization magic, but wow, what a difference from when we moved in!

Last year we had a giant party and still had moving boxes everywhere, having just moved in 1.5 months prior to party extravaganza.  Only family this time around and having accomplished mostly everything the night before allowed me to actually enjoy the day.  Next year will be the charm (3rd times a charm)!

For weeks we continually asked K&A what they wanted for their birthday.  Their answer never changed:  "Birthday cake with sprinkles and candles".  Easy to please.  They actually requested a red and blue cake, and I was trying to make it happen 2 nights before till 3AM with homemade marshmallow fondant.  I couldn't get my pink fondant to go red, and although Kman told me a pink cake was ok I settled on a red and blue car for a cake topper instead.  

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special for the boys.  They seriously had a blast, and they are busy everyday playing with their new favorite things!  We are so all so thankful for your generosity and love!

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